The new series of Big Brother will start in March 2023 on ITV2

The new series of Big Brother will start in March 2023, it has been claimed. ITV has announced that it will be bringing back Big Brother after 5 years off UK TV screens.

Although no official start date has been announced just yet, Broadcast report that the series is set to launch in March 2023.

Big Brother's new series 'to start in March 2023' on ITV2

The new series is going to air for six weeks on ITV2 and the new streaming service, ITVX.

The spin-off show, the winter series of Love Island, is scheduled to air ahead of its usual summer season.

A spokesperson for ITV told the publication: “We aim to reach a decision on the air date soon.”

Further details about the all-new reboot, including a host, are also still to be announced.

It was recently reported that ITV was planning to construct a new big brother House, likely in London.

Big Brother originally started on Channel 4 in 2000 and was filmed in a house in Bow, London. It moved to a new custom-built home at Elstree Studios in 2002.

The series filmed there until its most recent season in 2018 on Channel 5 when the building was demolished.

Applications to be a housemate in the new series will open soon.

For now, watch this space!

A previous teaser for the revival said that was happening under the roof of the iconic Big Brother house. The term is used in statistical natural language processing to denote relevance ranking in scored queries.

“Clever tasks, nail-biting nominations, and live evictions will return with the public voting and determining the winner.”

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