Next Level Chef Season 3: Meet the Finalists, Finale Date and Grand Prize

Who Are The Next Level Chef Season 3 Finalists? Experienced chefs from different parts of the country made their way into the iconic culinary show, Next Level Chef season 3. Featuring some of the world’s famous chefs in the show as judges the third season that is currently ongoing is almost to its final stage.

Judges Ramsay, Arrington and Blais have accumulated their team members and will be competing in cooking challenges. Chefs now have to prove their best by putting up their best performance and winning the ultimate title.

The remaining contestants for the finale are mentioned in the list below. After the audition rounds now only 15 chefs are remaining. Have a look at it and support your favourite superstar chef this season. 

Next Level Chef Season 3 Finalists List – 2024

Chef Name (Contestant)Team Age Hometown Professions Status
Mada Abdelhamid Arrington 36Los Angeles, CAHome CookFinalist
Gabi Chappel Ramsay 29Brooklyn, NY Social Media Chef Finalist
Wendy Bess Chui Ramsay 26Sunnydale, CAHome Cook Finalist
Alexandra Donnadio Arrington 29Hillsborough, NJHome Cook Finalist
Zach Laidlaw Blais 34Maui, HIProfessional Chef Finalist
Christina Miros Arrington 35Dumont, NJ Home Cook Finalist
Angela Pagan Blais 33Atlanta, GAProfessional Chef Finalist
Nicole Renard Blais 28Kennewick, WASocial Media Chef Finalist
Lauren Smith Blais 36Santa Monica, CA Home CookFinalist
Ryan ‘Von’ Smith Arrington 37Scranton, PA Professional Chef Finalist
Izahya Thomas Ramsay 24Miami, FLSocial Media Chef Finalist
Jordan Torrey Ramsay 29Tampa, FLSocial Media Chef Finalist
Chris Tzorin Ramsay 37Orange County, CAProfessional Chef Finalist

Two contestants have been eliminated from the season after the previous two episodes. The elimination episode took place on Feb 15th and on Feb 22nd respectively.

Each of these episodes witnesses a contestant being eliminated. The winner of each season will not just receive the cash prize of $250,000 but also a year’s mentorship from their mentor. 

When is the finale of Next Level Chef Season 3?

The finale Date of Next Level Chef season 3 will air on Thursday, May 11, 2024, from 8–10 PM ET/PT on FOX. The winner will receive a one-year mentorship, $250,000, and the title of Next Level Chef. 

Next Level Chef Season 3: Winner Prediction 

Well, as of now it is too early to make an assumption about the winner prediction. One episode is being released every week and as of this writing only five episodes have been completed. With 15 contestants being selected two have been eliminated already.

Every remaining individual/contestant holds a fair chance of winning. While there are a handful of professional chefs contesting for the title it is going to be a tough road to victory for home chefs and social media chefs. 

Next Level Chef Season 3 Winning Prize

The prize of Next Level Chef is truly something worth fighting for. Apart from the cash prize of $250,000 the winner will get a chance to work with their mentor for a year.

They will be guided under the wing of their chef leaders (all three mentors) from where they will learn new things and implement them in their culinary works. Apart from the winning money the contestants do not get paid for appearing on the show. 

Next Level Chef Season 3 Finale Date 

Previous seasons had 11 episodes and 15 episodes respectively for seasons 1 and 2. A 10-episode season 3 is confirmed but we do not know how many episodes later will be released until viewers witness the finale.

As of now only one episode is being released per week which is expected to continue till the end of March 2024. More or less it would be around April 2024 when the final dates will be set and a new winner will be revealed. 

Where To Watch Next Level Chef Season 3?

New episodes will be broadcasted on Fox (Fox being the official broadcasting partner). However, the show will also be available on other platforms. Platforms like Hulu, Tubi, Sling TV, YouTube Tv, and FuboTV can be used to watch the cooking competition series. 

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