Rick And Morty Season 8 Premiere Date, Re-Casting Schedule 2024

I Am Going to tell you all about the Brazilian Rick and Morty TV series Re-casting, its Release date and the latest News in this Article.

What About Rick And Morty TV Series?

Rick and Morty is a Netflix 2013 released animated sitcom series. The show has been the definition of ‘perfect’ as it has been loved by viewers all across the globe and by critics as well. It is one of those television series that you cannot miss in your lifetime.

The series has got six seasons under its belt and there have been talks that the showrunners are fond of bringing back another season of the animated television series.

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Rick and Morty TV Series 2024 Cast

There has been some news buzzing around that the showrunners are recasting for its 8th season. This gives some hope to the fans worldwide that there could be a huge chance that the show will be announcing the 8th season officially and will begin working on it as well when the time comes.

But, as of now let us have a look at the cast of the Rick and Morty series for the upcoming season.

A lot has happened ever since earlier this year when fans witnessed the public unveiling of felony domestic violence charges and a widespread denouncement of inappropriate and abusive behaviour among cast and crew.

It was on January 24th 2023 when the show announced the departure of Roiland. But, on the other hand, it was reassured to the fans that the show will be continuing. However, the charges against Roiland were dismissed.

Roiland is expected to be changed and replaced. However, it is also high time for the creators of the show because they are looking for a new voice actor. Most of the other original casts are likely to make their possible return for the upcoming season.

Rick and Morty Season 8 Release Date in 2024

As of now, there is not an exact release date but fans can expect some fresh new episodes to be released this year. If production and all other things move on according to the timeline set by the team then we might be able to see the new episodes promptly.

Will Rick and Morty Re-Cast For Season 8 and When?

Yes, the show will be recasting for its upcoming season because Roiland departed from the show earlier this year.

The show has been actively looking for a new voice actor to fit in a role for the upcoming season. However, Sean Dorrough may be voicing the character of Rick in the upcoming season.


Rick and Morty is one of the highest-rated sitcom series on Netflix. The show will be coming back with yet another banger and, hopefully, this season will be bridging some new storyline. But, as of now we only have to wait before we can come to any kind of judgment.

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