How to clear the setc auditions for 2023?

What is SETC? 

SETC Auditions – The South-eastern theatre Conference is the leading theatrical conference held in various states of the USA. SETC hosts singing auditions and dancing auditions in the USA for professional-level actors, singers, and dancers throughout the year.

Every year, SETC hosts a weekend conference placed in a new location in the southern United States, attracting approximately 4,000 individuals to attend job fairs, keynote speakers, professional auditions, as well as workshops. SETC is known to be a celebration of the art of theatre by theatre professionals from throughout the country, according to the conference’s website.

What is the procedure for any undergraduate student to attend SETC?

Any undergraduate individual may attend SETC, although the procedure they must go through to be allowed to participate is determined by what they are there for. The only need for a theatre designer, stage manager, technician, director, playwright, and any student to learn is to register for the event.

How should any actor prepare for the Professional Auditions for SETC?

One of the essential services provided by SETC is professional auditions for performers interested in pursuing an internship or apprentice and being cast in productions at scores of theatre companies across the country USA. A pre-screening audition is required for undergraduate students interested in auditioning at SETC.

Essentially, a team of judges must audition every student to evaluate whether they are eligible to go and audition at SETC or not. Each student must have already prepared for a monologue and/or a song they will be performing within 90 seconds or less, depending on which audition they are performing. A student must achieve a total score of 125 out of 180 points based on the criteria to attend the conference.

What else is there besides the Professional Auditions at SETC?

At the event, various workshops happen to take place. Every hour of SETC provides something relevant for theatre practitioners in their discipline, from welding courses to discussions about getting into the business as an actor.

SETCs career fair is also an excellent chance for technicians, designers, and stage managers to interview theatre companies for future opportunities. There will be a keynote speaker, which everyone is urged to attend each day during the event.

SETC Registration for 2023

SETC Professional screening auditions- SETC is an official nationwide website organization that helps connect theatre practitioners of all experience levels with training and resources.

How to Register for Setc Auditions for 2023?

  • REVIEW THE MATERIALS OF SETC ON YOUR OWN – SETC offers multiple pieces of information in advance for individuals considering the Professional Screening Auditions. But as their professor, you might probably turn out to be the first site students to approach for information. Visit their website and select the state where you will be auditioning. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact SETC.
  • HOLD AN INFORMAL CONFERENCE – Help students through the SETC Auditions by holding a brief one-hour workshop for individuals who are keen to learn more regarding combined auditions in general, as well as SETC Screening Auditions in particular, much like anyone would for their auditions. Allow them to go through packets, videos, and other materials to ensure they understand how to apply, enrol, perform, and present themselves.
  • READ THEIR MATERIAL BEFORE RECOMMENDING THEM – If you’re willing to be a reference for any student for Screening Auditions, then you must set up a 30-minute meeting to look through their audition material before submitting a reference. At Screening Auditions, your pupils will not just represent your school but also your personality as a whole — professional corporate personnel notices your name on the audition form! 
  • INCLUDE AUDITION TECHNIQUES WITHIN YOUR ACTING PROGRAMS – It would help if you took the time to teach the how-of to’s building an upper-edge audition package at the very same time. Almost every acting class in the USA uses monologue work as a subject in the curriculum. Thus we suggest that you take your own time to teach the how-of to’s, developing a top-notch audition package simultaneously. Because the processes for developing a solid Screening Audition package are similar to a basic audition, further, you must utilize this audition to boost students’ achievement outside of the classroom.
  • HOLD A PRACTICE AUDITION – Why not utilize the adjudicator rubrics for Screening Auditions provided by SETC to host a sample audition for students who have enrolled to audition at your school? Request that they dress in the attire they want to dress in and set up the room just as it is at your screening site. Then, encourage experienced local actors and directors to participate as fake adjudicators to build ties in your community. Even when you don’t have any experts in the field, perhaps your coworkers can aid. The actual thing won’t be nearly as daunting after pupils have passed a mock audition.
  • SEEK OUT ASSISTANCE – Contact the central office if you have any queries about the upcoming auditions in the USA or SETC Auditions. They can assist you! Although they recognize that not every program has the same resources, SETC Screening Audition Coordinators in the states (SACs) are willing to help you and your students do well at these auditions. The Director of SETC Professional Theater Services will answer questions or assist you in contacting your audition site SAC to plan a session at your school. SETC also provides an onsite audition program called “Nail That Audition!” and experienced theatre reps are available to give seminars if you ask.

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