The voice kids Germany 2024 – Season 11 Audition And Online Registration

The Voice Kids Germany 2024 Registration casting call locations The Voice Kids Germany is a well-known German reality singing talent show. John de Mol, a famous man, created the show. The show’s concept is based on the original The Voice Kids of Holland. The main goal of the show is to discover new singing talents.

The show has completed seven seasons with massive hits, and the show’s creators are now preparing to release Season 9. One of the most famous German reality singing talent shows is The Voice Kids Germany. The well-known John de Mol created the show. The show’s concept is based on the original The Voice Kids of Holland. The main goal of the show is to discover new singing talents. 

The show was created specifically for children aged 7 to 15 years old. Every year, the show finds a new singer, so if you believe your child has singing talent, you should enter them in this competition. They demonstrate that they provide the best platform for showcasing their talent.

Participants who want to participate in the show must fill out an application form on the channel’s official website. We also provide all necessary information about the show on this page via this post. 

The Voice Kids 2024

The 11th and 12th session has been announced and will begin airing in 2024. The voice kids Germany 2024 Start timings Thursdays 8:15 pm & Fridays 8:15 pm

These coaches will be on The Voice Kids in 2024

These coaches will be on The Voice Kids 2022 These coaches will be on The Voice Kids in 2022. Alvaro Soler, Wincent Weiss, and Michi Beck & Smudo.

Alvaro Soler, Wincent Weiss, and Michi Beck & Smudo will occupy the legendary red chairs in 2024. In addition, Lena Meyer-Landrut is also making a comeback as a coach.

Official Website The Voice Kids Germany 2024 Apply Now

More information about the individual coaches of “The Voice Kids” can be found in our team overview, the “The Voice Kids” news section, and the coach archive!

Melissa Khalaj and Thore Schölermann will serve as moderators

Melissa Khalaj and Thore Schölermann, the perfect moderator team from previous years, will lead the live performances in 2024. Melissa Khalaj is no stranger to the “The Voice” universe, having appeared on stage with Thore Schölermann on “The Voice Kids” since season 7. She is currently filling in for a colleague in the semi-finals of “The Voice of Germany” 2022.

The presenter of The Voice Kids 2024 Germany has worked on a variety of shows and Programmes. She regularly analyses the events of “Celebrity Big Brother” in “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show” with Jochen Bendel. Since the seventh season, she has also co-moderated “The Voice Kids” with Thore Schölermann. Next Sunday, she will lead the audience through the semifinals of “The Voice of Germany” 2021.

The Digital faces are Egon Werler and Keanu Rapp.

On and social media, there will also be a reunion of familiar faces. Backstage are “The Voice Kids” 2021 winner Egon Werler and former contestant Keanu Rapp. They also complement coaches and performers backstage and, as online faces, provide behind-the-scenes insights, exclusive interviews, and jam sessions.

All “The Voice Kids” broadcast dates and times in 2024

“The Voice Kids” will have a new air date for its tenth season. Every Friday at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1, you can watch episodes from March 4, 2024. All other broadcast dates for “The Voice Kids” shows can be discovered here. As a result, you won’t miss a single episode of the season.

Season 11 of The Voice Kids

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Who is the winner?

In the “The Voice Kids” 2021 end, viewers were questioned: they decided by mobile and, for the very first time, online voting which talent should leave the show as the current season’s champion. She went with Egon from Team Stefanie.

How do I apply to be a part of The Voice Kids?

You can’t think of anything else but singing, or your child is a gifted singer? One of the greatest talents is to have a melodious voice. If you think you have it in you or know someone, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! If you are as excited as we are, then apply for “The Voice Kids.” You can find all of the application’s information here. Maybe you’ll be on stage at the blind auditions soon, making the coaches go crazy. Just take one step forward towards your dreams!

Admission Requirements: 

  • The show was only open to the singer’s children aged 7 to 15.
  • Proof of citizenship and proof of address is required for the show.
  • Participants must carry out the parents’ obligation. 
  • Participants must be fully competent for the show, and they must bring all original documents to The voice kid blind audition candidaten 2024.

How to Sign up for The Voice Kids Germany 2024: 

  • To register, participants must go to the channel’s official website. 
  • The show’s direct enrollment link will be available on the homepage. 
  • Participants must click on the link and enter their personal and contact information.
  • Ensure that all details are valid or correct; alternatively, the form will be rejected. 
  • After filling out the basic information, participants must upload a short talent video. 
  • Finally, the official team will contact you for the next ground audition if the form is chosen.

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