Which MAFS Australia Couples are Still Together? (Updated 2024)

The singles who seal the knots on Married at First Sight by finding their love in the show. But does it work for everyone, are the couples still together or do they split their ways?

The show is the hottest show that helps singles find their potential partner with an experiment of marrying each other.

However, this does not work for everyone and the couples end up breaking off while some have found their happily ever after. The show has sailed many relationships but how many of them are still together and what are they doing now?

We got you all covered with the couples on MAFS who are still together not in the show but in reality. Let’s take a look at the couples and how they are doing now. 

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr

The couple from Married at First Sight Season 2 Erin and Bryce are still together. The enduring couple is known for their privacy in Melbourne.

Bryce is a business analyst and has returned to his job while Erin is a blogger on Instagram. In 2020 Erin appeared in a podcast and mentioned how Bryce has remained consistent since their initial meeting, stressing their commitment to keeping their personal lives private.

She emphasized, “We don’t follow the trend of reality TV stars who share everything on social media. It’s not our style.” She added, “The Bryce I met on day one is the same Bryce today. He’s true to himself, and I believe he feels the same about me.” 

The couple has been together since 2016 and in November 2023 they will be having 8 years of togetherness. 

Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook

Season 10 couple Tahnee Cook and Ollie were the fan favorite. They were the youngest couple in the series but with their chemistry and understanding they ended up together after the show as well.

The couple got married as part of the Married at First Sight experiment but eventually fell in love. After the show, both started spending time together as Ollie joined Tahnee in Sydney and soon both moved together in their own house.

Olli is a voiceover artist while her husband Tahnee is a PR manager in New South Wales. The couple had an exciting journey on Married at First Sight going through all the challenges they took their vows in the last episode of the show and no surprise they are still living together. 

Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson

Surviving all the odds the couple is living a happy life together with their baby Oliver. Yes, the lovebirds of season 6 Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson are together and have a happy family.

In September 2023 the couple celebrated their 5-year anniversary and Jules shared a post appreciating Cam and their love life.

At first they do not find each other suitable on the reality show Married at First Sight but surprisingly the couple becomes the first to tie knots in real life. They both work together with the talent acquisition firm in Australia named TSA Talent.

The couple had the emotional yet the cutest moments till now from finding each other imperfect to falling in love with their flaws, welcoming their cute baby Olli to enjoying the parenting of their little man. The couple has shown their affection, love and care for each other.      

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson

Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven, one of two enduring couples from MAFS Australia season eight, overcome significant challenges during their time in the experiment. Bryce initially admitted that Melissa wasn’t his usual type after their wedding.

Additionally, rumors circulated about Bryce having a girlfriend back home while on the show, but Melissa stood by him.

In their final vows, the couple made the heartwarming decision to stay together. Following their exit from the experiment, Melissa and Bryce launched a podcast discussing life after reality TV.

In a joyful turn of events, in July 2021, they shared their engagement and the news of expecting twins. Their adorable sons Levi and Tate have been the cutest part of their love life.   

Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente

In Season 8 of Married At First Sight, Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente had an epic love story. Despite entering the show midway, their love has only grown stronger.

In a heartwarming start to 2023, they tied the knot and shared their joy on Instagram with a joint post featuring wedding photos captioned, “Best day of my life.

I married the love of my life. Honey and the Bee – you and me.” Surrounded by family, friends, and fellow MAFS stars, Kerry and Johnny celebrated their nuptials at Ciao Papi in Brisbane.

Their journey started when Johnny proposed during a romantic boat trip on Sydney Harbour, an engagement they marked with a simple “Forever” on their Instagram accounts.

Before getting engaged, the couple had taken a significant step by moving in together and becoming proud puppy parents to Enzo. Their decision to nurture their relationship outside the experiment has paid off.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli

Season 6 couple who are together and knot their ties not only on the show Married at First Sight but in real life too.

The couple has strength and commitment towards each other which has made their relationship even stronger.

The couple got married in 2021 for real and in February 2023 the couple gave birth to their first child Lucius. The only problem they face in their real life is where they will live however after having arguments the couple is retreating to Sydney, Australia.

In 2023 the couple became the ambassadors while their baby boy was the face of the competition. After winning the reality dating show Married at First Sight the couple continues to win the hearts of their fans. 

Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James

While not an original MAFS couple, Evelyn and Duncan, who met on the show, have garnered significant popularity.

Evelyn, initially paired with Rupert, and Duncan, who was matched with Alyssa during the season, began their relationship shortly after filming ended, and they’ve become one of the show’s beloved couples. Sharing a video on Instagram Evelyn shared the news of moving together with Duncan.

Duncan is a vocalist and member of the band Blue in the UK. while Evelyn is a marketing manager, reality TV star and social media personality. The couple is now together and Duncan has become the dad of Evelyn’s beloved dogs Mustard and Pickles.

On Instagram, they have posted not only their cute family moments but also the chaos of moving together and shifting homes. They have become a cute family of four.  

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