Who are kristy and brett? (the block 2023) Bio/wiki, Net worth And Team members

Describe In this article who are kristy and brett? The popular renovation series The Block is streaming on channel nine. The show has already revealed the participating teams, all ready to rock the show with their innovation and technique. The current season of the block has decided on a theme that will bring you back to the 1950s.

Among all the fabulous teams, it’s tough not to notice the enthusiastic couple from Adelaide, Kristy and Brett. After planning to renovate their own house in Adelaide, the enthusiastic couple is ready to impress the audience. We have mentioned all the things that you want to know about this wonderful couple.

Which team will kristy and brett be a part of the Block Season 2023?

The latest season of the block has been renewed for the new season with five teams. Where you can see the enthusiastic couple from Adelaide, Kristy and Brett, as team Red.

This exciting pair has been married and has a firm understanding. The couple who is planning to renovate their new house is ready to show their talent and techniques on The Block.

Who Is Kristy? (The Block Season 2023)

Kristy, flying from Adelaide, is a Project Manager by Profession. She’s 34 years old and has excellent management skills. She has a firm, confident nature, which makes her stand out in The Block. Kristy is participating with her husband Brett and will be renovating the house in their own style.

Kristy has said that she will be adding her own touch to Contemporary and modern styles with a 1950s touch. Kristy believes in getting out of her comfort zone and achieving what she wants. The duo of Kristy and Brett will be renovating House 3 in Block 2023.

Kristy Biography/wiki

Kristy Beams, born in the 1980s, is 34 years old and lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Kristy is a project manager by profession and possesses a bold personality. She met Brett Beams in their twenties, and later they got married to each other. Both knew each other from high school but never had much interaction.

Kristy is participating in the famous renovation competition The Block with her husband, from which she came into the limelight. Kristy has refinanced their new house with Brett, and she’s very excited to renovate the house on the Block with her own style.

Kristy net worth Year by Year

Kristy is a project Manager by profession in South Australia. It is assumed that her net worth must be generous. However, her exact net worth is still not known, but we will update it once we find it.

Kristy Net worth In 2024TBA
Kristy Net worth In 2023TBA

Who is Brett? (The Block Season 2023)

Brett, from South Australia, is 34 years old. He is participating in the Block with his wife, Kristy, who is a project manager. Brett and Kristy studied at the same school but didn’t have anything together. However, they met again in their twenties and got together as a couple.

Brett is a safety advisor who works at a power substation, and he has also worked as a tiler before. However, being on The Bock, Brett said that the want keeps it a secret.

Brett has a good understanding with Kristy, which is their plus one. Brett has renovated his own house with his wife in Adelaide, and they are sure to mark their name on the Block.

Brett biography/wiki

Brett Beams is from Adelaide, South Australia. Brett is 34 years old, born in the 1980s, and has Australian nationality. Brett has done an apprenticeship in tiling, and he is currently working as a safety adviser at Fulton Hogan. He has previously worked as an SQE advisor at Enerven.

Brett will be appearing on the popular Channel Nine renovation series The Block with his wife Kristy. Brett got married to Kristy after meeting in their twenties through a mutual friend. Although they knew each other from high school, Brett and Kristy have admitted that they argue sometimes, but soon they end up laughing and making fun of it.

Brett has recently renovated his house in Adelaide, South Australia, with his wife Kristy, and they are super excited to know about the unpredictable challenges on The Block.

Brett net worth year by year

Brett Beams has a diverse working background. He has been a tiling apprentice and SQE advisor since the beginning of his career. Currently, he is working as a safety advisor and has a net worth of approximately $1 million.

YEARNet worth
Brett Net worth In 2024TBA- Update As Soon As
Brett Net worth In 2023$1 Million

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