Who Got Eliminated From MasterChef Uk Tonight – Season 19 – 2023

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store! 2023 got a great start to its brand new 19th season.

Another change is the addition of the Mystery Box Challenge. In this challenge, the cooks will be given a box of ingredients and they will have to create a dish using those ingredients.

This is a great way to test the creativity of the cooks and see how they can work with different ingredients.

The auditions will be conducted in front of the judges who will put the contestants through a series of challenges. Based on their performance in these challenges, the judges will decide which 7 cooks will win their aprons and move on to the next round. The other 2 cooks will be evicted from the competition.

The winner of the semifinal cooking challenge will move on to the final, where they will compete against the other finalists for MasterChef UK 2023.

Elimination contestants of Masterchef uk 2023

Here is the list of Masterchef uk 2023 Elimination contestants tonight.

  • Geva Blackett – Geva Blackett is a contestant on the 19th season of MasterChef UK.
Geva Blackett
  • Jo Hand – MasterChef UK Series 19 contestant Joanna “Jo” Hand
  • Jonny Cooks Food – He is MasterChef uk Contestant 2023
  • Matthew Samuels – Matthew Samuels, home cook in Wolverhampton and BBC MasterChef hopeful, tells how he fell in love with cooking during the lockdown.
  • Woei – Woei Lee is a contestant on Season 19 of MasterChef UK.
  • Zoe – Zoe, 26, is a manager at a tech start-up based in Stirling. She was born in Aberdeen, studied in Edinburgh, and now lives there with her fiance.

knockout week contestants list of Masterchef uk Season 19

  • Nickolas cooks – Nicholas “Nick” DiGiovanni was a contestant on Season 19 of MasterChef uk 2023.
  • Terri – The final stages are quickly approaching for Terri and Nikolas.
  • Vanessa D’souza – Home chef Vanessa D’Souza is a contestant on BBC’s MasterChef UK’s nineteenth Season.

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