Who is Alto Moon from American Idol? Alto Moon Wiki/Bio, Career, Education, Girl friend, Personal life & Net worth

Who is Alto Moon from American Idol Season 22? The American Idol season 22 has just hit the screens with its first part auditions. New contestants from all across the country are auditioning for this season. Like always, most contestants delivering their best are receiving the Golden Ticket or the Platinum Ticket.

Judges seem to be both happy and surprised with the fresh talents that they are witnessing. Similarly, one of them to audition was Alto Moon. His performance was loved by everyone. Let us know more about Alto Moon. 

Alto Moon wiki/Biography

Alto Moon is a 27-year old American who performed in the American Idol auditions in the previous episode. Moon hails from Texas where he most probably was born and brought up. But, it was back in 2019 when he shifted to Atlanta and this decision completely changed his life.

He never regretted any moment of it which is a good thing. Apart from being just a singer he is a great songwriter as well. He released a few original songs on Spotify which were loved by fans. 

One of his singles named ‘Mars’ had received around 2 million streams on Spotify platform. Other songs like ‘Beautiful Mind’ and ‘Lemonz’ also received millions of streams.

Therefore, he is not just a regular singer but quite a famous one. Moon is currently 27 years old and is already married to his long time partner Colton Jones in June 2021. 

Stage NameAlto Moon
Real NameAlto Moon
Girl Friend Colton Jones
Zodiac SignN/A
Age27 Years Old (As of 2024)
BirthplaceAtlanta, GA, United States
HometownAtlanta, GA, United States

Alto Moon Audition Performance On American Idol & Judges Reaction 

Alto Moon was one of the contestants who appeared for the auditions in the previous episode. He sang one of his original songs which earned him a Golden Ticket. He will be heading straight to Hollywood.

He performed one of his most hit songs,’Lemonz’ which immediately impressed the judges. It was judge Lionel Ritchie who seemed to have been enjoying himself with the upbeat tempo. 

He had always dreamt of seeing himself on such a huge platform like American Idol. ever since he was a kid he followed the show and even voted for his favorite contestants.

His moving to Atlanta was a great decision and ever since he moved here he is working on following his passion. 

What Is Alto Moon Occupation/Career?

Alto Moon Career: Moon is occupationally a shipper/receiver. Apart from this he has been quite proactive in music contests as well. He is a great musician and he takes part in contests held on social media.

It is quite a commendable thing that he spares some time for music as well. Now, with his entry in the American Idol season 22 there is a fair chance that he could have a major breakthrough in his singing career. 

What Is Alto Moon Net Worth in 2024 – 2025?

The exact net worth of Alto Moon is not revealed yet. The 27 year old works as a shipper/receiver in Atlanta and produces music as well. The average salary of a shipper/receiver in Atlanta is around $40,000. Additionally, Moon is quite successful in music as well.

He takes part in different contests and his original music has received millions of streams on Spotify. All these add up to his total net worth. Well, if he works hard and wins the singing competition this season then he will be receiving a good sum of money. 

Alto Moon Social Media Profile 

Alto is available on social media platforms like Instagram. He had posted his audition clip on his profile and received around 700 likes.

The musician keeps posting updates on his account and his more than 4k followers are able to see what he is doing. If you wish to follow him then you can click on the link here:

Who is the Alto Moon Girl friend?

Alto Moon is happily married to his longtime boyfriend, Colton Jones. It was back in 2021 when Moon knelt down on his knee and popped the question to him.

He even took to his Instagram about this special moment and shared a picture posing. It seems like both of them were school buddies and have been dating for about 8 years. Their friendship has finally turned into love.

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