Who Is Deven Condo-Mitchell? (ARC 2023) Biography/Wiki, Net Worth & More

Deven Condo-Mitchell who is Television personality and conservation officer by profession. He has announced about him joining the popular reality show The Amazing Race with his partner Amanda Larocque on his Instagram page. Deven is 33 years old and very active in sports related activities.

He loves his two stepdaughters Anayah and Anisah. He is a sporty person who plays almost every sport possible. He is super excited to move out of his comfort zone and win the show.

Who Is Deven Condo-Mitchell Partner In An Amazing Race?

Deven Condo-Mitchell is joining the traveling reality show the Amazing Race with his real-life partner Amanda Larocque. Both are a couple from Gesgapegiag, Quebec, Caneda.

They have been together for more than five years. Both are adventures and like to explore things outside their comfort zone. 

Deven & Amanda the Amazing Race Biography/Wiki

Deven Condo-Mitchell is 33 years old from Gesgapegiag, Quebec, Canada. Deven has been working as a Conservation Officer and he is also a television personality. He has been living with his partner Amanda Larocque and two stepdaughters Anayah and Anisah.

The couple is joining the reality show The Amazing Race season 9 and have shared their excitement and feel honored to join the show. They enjoy thrilling life and try to explore new things.

NameDeven Condo-Mitchell
HometownGesgapegiag, Quebec, Canada
OccupationConservation Officer and Television Personality
Partner in The Amazing RaceAmanda Larocque
Instagram post dateNot specified
Instagram post captionNot specified
Number of stepdaughters2
Names of stepdaughtersAnayah and Anisah

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Who is Deven wife

Deven Condo-Mitchell also known as Deven marital status is unclear. However, he is in a relationship with his partner Amanda Larocque. They both live together with two daughters Anayah and Anisah. They both are Deven stepdaughters.

What is Deven Net worth

Deven net worth is not clear yet. Deven Condo-Mitchell is a Conservation Officer who enjoys his work and is assumed to be earning satisfactory. He also works as a TV personality which contributes to his net worth.

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