Who Is Tiffany Nicole Ervin? Occupation, Career, Biography/wikipedia & Hometown

Who Is Tiffany Nicole Ervin? It is exciting that the 46th season of Survivor is renewed and will be soon airing on CBS. But, what’s more exciting is that there will be a new line of casts in the season.

This is going to be a huge comeback for the show. Fans will have to wait till the end of Feb for fresh new episodes. This season will see a new winner because the cast lineup is new.

Tiffany Nicole is one of the female contestants who will be appearing in this season. Contestants need to be physically and mentally prepared because it will not be so easy to win.  

Tiffany Nicole Ervin Biography/Wiki

Tiffany is a contestant on Survivor 46. She is currently 33 years old. She has introduced herself as an artist occupationally.

Tiffany hails from her hometown in Franklin Township, N.J. but she is currently residing in Elizabeth, N.J. Tiffany is one of the colored contestants who seems to have a strong personality with a beautiful-looking smile. 

When Was Tiffany Nicole Ervin Born?

The full time artist was born in Feb 1991. Well, she is currently 33 years old according to 2024. She seems to be a confident artist and also seems quite confident being a contestant in the show.

Her confidence is one of the things that fans will appreciate because after being laid off from her job she became a full-time artist. 

Where Is Tiffany Nicole Ervin’s Hometown?

Nicole’s hometown is in Franklin Township, N.J. it is likely that she completed her education from her hometown itself. Currently, she resides in Elizabeth, N.J.

It seems that her friends and family belong from N.J itself. Due to her work as a full time artist she could be residing in Elizabeth. 

What Is Tiffany Nicole Ervin Occupation?

Nicole is now a full time artist. It is digital art that has always left her impressed. It was in the year 2020 when she was laid off and decided to become a full time artist.

Interestingly, there is a lot of scope for full time artists in the United States. The minimum salary for artists is around $120,000 per year.  

What Is Tiffany Nicole Erving Figure and Body Size Structure?

Nicole seems to be a fairly tall person. She seems to have kept herself fit and healthy which is also going to be advantageous in her gameplay. She seems to have an athletic figure. As far as her physical appearance and looks goes then she is a colored person. 

What Is Tiffany Nicole Ervin Survivor Career?

Nicole is going to be a new contestant in the upcoming season of Survivor. During an interview she revealed that she would like to play like Jeremy or Shan from past Survivor contestants. She seems to be inspired by herself which is a good thing. 

Is Tiffany Nicole Ervin In Survivor 46?

Survivor 46 has many contestants and Nicole is one among them. She might consider herself lucky that she got through this season because many do not get the chance.

Her confidence is remarkable because that is the only thing that she may require the most. 

What Is Tiffany Nicole Ervin’s Instagram Profile?

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Tiffany is very active on her social media profile. She is a charming artist who loves sharing her artistic works on her socials. If you wish to follow them here then you visit her profile from the link here:

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