Who Is Ty’s Daughter Lennon Stole From Farmer Wants A Wife?

Latest episode of Farmer Wants A Wife has left everyone surprised and happy. This is because viewers saw Ty’s daughter, Lennon for the first time. Not only is the 12-year old a sweet little charming kid but she knows how to catch the attention of the viewers.

The sweet little girl’s daddy, Ty has always been her strongest support and she does not want him to feel ‘lonely’. The father-daughter bonding these two share is truly magnificent. It feels like they behave like friends and it is really fun to watch the duo on the screen together. 

Who Is Ty’s Daughter Lennon Stole From Farmer Wants A Wife?

Lennon is Ty’s 12-year old daughter. Ty is the ‘Farmer’ who is appearing as the suitor for the current season of Farmer Wants A Wife. Lennon appeared in the previous episode of the show where her entrance has left everyone impressed.

She rode herself on a horse and has shown immense maturity with humor and honesty. It almost feels like adults could learn a thing or two from her. 

She knows that her father will always choose her over anyone else which is true. But, being the daughter of a farmer it is really difficult to impress her. She knows her stuff and she wants the best woman for her father. Her sweet nature is also one of the reasons why every viewer was left speechless. 

What Did Ty’s 12-Year-Old Daughter, Lennon Farmer Wants A  Wife Season 2 Say?

Lennon said a lot of things in the previous episode of the show. She said that she is the only girl her father will choose over others. Everyone felt that as she said those words in a cute way. She also said she will be her father’s ‘Number 1 Cowgirl.’

Lennon’s father, Ty had said that he could never be with someone who does not share a relationship like him and his daughter. In the previous episode Lennon had put her father’s four remaining suitors to test. She taught them how to barrel race.

At the end of it we heard from the 12-year old’s mouth that she feels that Megan is quite ‘special’. She revealed that ‘We had a connection’ while they were chatting in the episode. She later adds saying that ‘She’s so cool’. 

Lennon Stole Biography/Wiki 

Ty is the single ‘farmer’ who is looking for love in this season of Farmer Wants A Wife. It seems like he had a wife with whom he shares a daughter named Lennon. She is just 12-years old at the moment and she being the daughter of a farmer knows a lot of exciting things.

Her entrance in the previous episode was simply lit which has left everyone stunned. She seems to have been attracted to Megan because she thinks that she is ‘cool’.

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