AGT Champions 2023 – Who Has Won AGT Season 18, Runner up, Prize Money

AGT 2023 winner Name – Runner-up and Prize Money

America’s popular talent reality show has come to its finale episode with 11 finalists who will give their final performances on the grand finale of America’s Got Talent season 18. The finale episode is in two parts where on Wednesday night we will get the winner of AGT 2023.

The show which started with hunting the best talents all around the globe on 30th May 2023 has found some of the best talents including dance troupes, singers, comedians, acrobats and magicians. Among the eleven finalists of the show, five are golden Buzzer acts of the season.

Among all the finalists of AGT 2023, it is highly anticipated that the winning title of AGT season 18 will be won by the Indonesian singer  Putri Ariani. The mega dance group from France Murmuration has got a golden buzzer in the audition and has impressed the judges with their mesmerizing performances in the season.

With all the wonderful performances it is tough to decide the winner however we will get the winner of the season on 27 September, Wednesday. The voting for all the finalists is open and viewers can vote for their favorite contestant on the AGT app.

The winner of the season will get the exciting opportunity to perform at the America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live and the cash prize of $1 million.

  • America’s Got Talent season 18 winner is: Adrian Stoica & Hurricane.
  • America’s Got Talent season 18 Runner-up is: Anna DeGuzman.
  • America’s Got Talent season 18 second Runner-up is: Murmuration.

Who Won AGT 2023?

The winner of the AGT 2023 is soon to be announced. It is highly anticipated that the 17-year-old girl from Indonesia will win the AGT 2023. Putri Ariani is a blind singer who has incredible vocals which has left the judges stunned.

Her audition performance got a Golden Buzzer from the judge Simon Cowell. She is not only a singer but a pianist and a songwriter. Her singing talent and confidence make her the most anticipated winner of AGT 2023.

AGT 2023 Champion – Season 18 

Winning the popular talent reality show America’s Got Talent has ignited the journey of contestants. The winner can be the teen singer Putri Ariani or the dance troupe from France Murmuration. The mega group of 65 dancers has the cleanest moves to win the show which has already earned a golden buzzer.

The winner will be decided based on audience votes. The one having the best performance and the highest votes will get the title of AGT winner in 2023.

The AGT finale has approached we are a few hours away from finding the champion of season 18. All the finalist has given wonderful performances since the auditions. Among the eleven finalists, Americans will be voting for their favorite performers.

The dance groups, singers, acrobats, comedians, magicians and a variety of talents have impressed the judges and audience. The finalist include five golden buzzer acts which has high chances of winning the show. The champion of the show will get a chance to perform live at the Luxure hotels and casinos, in Las Vegas.

AGT 2023 Runner-Up & Second Runner up

The reality show America’s Got Talent started on 30 May with contestants from all around the globe auditioning to get the yes from the judges. The show has finally approached the finals of the season with the 11 contestants making it to the finals.

It is tough to predict who will be the winner and the runner-up of the show as all the contestants have performed their best. The singers of the show Lavender Darcangelo and Putri Ariani both impressed the judges equally with their singing talent.

Both the singers individually have the potential to win the show. The dance group inspired by last season’s winner Mayyas has given phenomenal performances throughout the season. Murmuration who has got golden buzzer has the smoothest moves to deliver feelings while Chibi Unity and Avantgardey have well approach and storytelling that makes them suitable candidates for winning the titles.

Choirs are no less than the dance groups Mzansi Youth Choir and 82nd Airborne Chorus and have the best vocals when comes to performance. They can secure the position as runner-up with the right final performance.

One of the female magicians who caught the judge’s attention Anna DeGuzman had not so appealing performance in the semi-finals but who knows what the audience would like. The season is incomplete without any comedian Ahren Belisle who has a punchline for everything and has an innovative way to present it will may make him the first ever comedian to win the titles.

The dog act presented by Adrian Stoica and Hurricane has also entertained the viewers with their funny and playful acts. The balancing acts of the Ramadhani Brothers have delivered some of the best breathtaking acts on AGT but the acts will be up to mark to win the audience votes and the winning titles of AGT.

While all the finalists get the admiration of the audience it is not sure who will secure a place as the winner and runner-up of AGT 2023.

AGT 2023 prize money

The winner of AGT 2023 gets the opportunity to kickstart their career and get the grand prize of $1,000,000. also, the chance to perform at the America’s Got Talent presents superstars live held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

AGT 2023 Winner Prediction 

As the show has approached its finale we are ready to crown the winner of AGT 2023. While all the contestants are deserving and have exceptional talents only one can be the winner of the season. The show has found its eleven finalists who will perform in the finale of AGT 2023.

There are high chance that the blind singer from Indonesia will win the title of AGT 2023 winner. However, the other singer who made it to the finals is also blind and has a great voice. The dance group who got the Golden Buzzer in the auditions Murmuration has the same potential to be the winner of AGT 2023.

America has shown much love to the contestants of the show so it is tough to predict who will win the show. We will get the ultimate winner of the season on Wednesday 27 September 2023.


Who won the title of the AGT 2023 trophy?

The winner title of AGT 2023 and trophy is won by the Adrian Stoica & Hurricane.

Who is the winner of AGT 2023?

The winner of AGT 2023 is Adrian Stoica & Hurricane.

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