Meet Contestants of Survivor USA Season 45 – 2023

The famous reality show of CBS Survivor is renewed for season 45 with its all-new cast. CBS has introduced 17 new contestants who will be competing for the cash prize of $1 million. The contestant will be kept on an isolated island of Fiji and will be competing to survive on the show.

The show divides the contestants into three groups called tribes and contestants perform the challenges in the tribes. Participant who couldn’t complete the challenges face the eliminations.

The show consists cast from different backgrounds from principal to attorney, nurse to content producer all will be competing to survive in the show. However, there is time to release Survivor 45 you don’t need to wait for the contestants as we have mentioned all the contestants competing in Survivor 45.

Who are the Contestants of Survivor USA 2023?

Here is the list of contestants for Survivor USA season 45 that is being aired in 2023 :

Austin Li Coon26MBA StudentEnthusiastic traveler and sports enthusiast. Strategic mindset.
Brandon “Brando” Meyer23Software DeveloperFunny, cheerful, and loves Survivor. Prankster and quick thinker.
Kendra McQuarrie30BartenderVan-living and solo-traveling experience.
Jake O’KaneAttorneyHappy-go-lucky, honest, and strategic. Teacher turned lawyer.
Kellie NalbandianCritical Care NurseEmotionally independent, calm, and adaptable. Prepped for Survivor.
Bruce Perreault46Insurance AgentReturning from Survivor 44. Wants to be a fun and trustworthy player.
Sabiyah Broderick28Truck DriverMilitary and college experience. Strong physically and mentally.
Brandon DonlonContent ProducerJolly and aims to grow. Applied for Survivor before being eligible.
Sean Edwards35School PrincipalEmpathetic and good at building alliances. Believes being gay adds challenge.
Emily Flippen28Investment AnalystWants to change daily routine, aggressive, and plans to play her own game.
Kaleb Gebrewold29Software Sales (Remote Work)Enthusiastic traveler, sees himself as a “Golden retriever hiding as a wolf.”
Hannah Rose33TherapistSober since 20, therapist, and prepared to push her limits on Survivor.
Julie Alley49Estate AttorneyInspiring other women in their 40s. Single mother and attorney. Experienced survivor.
Janani “J. Maya” Krishnan-Jha24Singer/SongwriterPassionate singer who rejected Harvard Law School for Survivor.
Drew BasileGraduate StudentYoungest contestant, smart, and inspired by Survivor 26 winner John Cochran.
Dee Valladares26Entrepreneur (Luggage Design)Successful entrepreneur, makes good connections, and a team player.
Katurah Topps35Civil Rights AttorneyAdventurous, civil rights attorney with strong social skills.
Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup30Martial Artist/Gym OwnerMartial artist, gym owner, Tai Chi practitioner. Passionate about music.
Survivor Contestants Season 45

Austin Li Coon

Austin Li Coon born in San Jose, California is 26 years old. He is a graduate student pursuing MBA from the University of California. Austin has changed from an extrovert to an introvert and now he is participating in the reality competition show Survivor 45.

Austin is enthusiastic and passionate about traveling, and hiking and likes to play hockey and volleyball. He is a sporty person and likes to do outside activities with friends. According to Austin has developed himself by facing challenges and his experience in life will help him to survive in the show also his strategic personality is a plus.

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Brandon “Brando” Meyer

The 23-year-old Brandon Meyer is a software developer by profession. Someone might think of him as a nerd by his looks but Brandon has a funny and cheerful personality. He loves to play pranks and joke while his friends describe him as a lovable liar.

Brandon is a fan of Survivor since his parents showed him the show. He first applied for the Survivor in 2020 but got no response from the casting team of Survivor then in 2022 he got a response from the team for getting cast in season 45 of Survivor for which he applied in 2021. His observation and quick thinking make him more confident in the show.

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Kendra McQuarrie

Kendra McQuarrie with high hopes and manifestation appears on the Survivor 45. It’s only making people think she likes them and talking to them is her work as she is a bartender by profession.

The 30-year-old Kendra has immense experience of living in a van and solo traveling across a variety of countries which is going to help her in the journey of Survivor 45. 

Jake O’Kane

The attorney of Survivor is from Hanson, Massachusetts but currently living in Boston Massachusetts. Jake has finally built himself to appear in the show after all his life experiences. The children’s theater teacher turned lawyer at 26 and also a bartender in the meantime.

The happy-go-lucky and honest by nature Jake has been a fan of the show from the very first season while he’s strategic to win Survivor 45.

Kellie Nalbandian

Emotionally independent, calm and adaptable Kellie Nalbandian is a critical care Nurse by profession. She has prepared herself physically and mentally for the competition show Survivor 45. Working in New York during the pandemic is one of the difficult situations that built her to compete in the show.

Kellie is lesbian and aims to be one of the first winners of lesbian orientation on Survivor 45. Manifesting to win before even applying is competing on the show from the Belo tribe.

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Bruce Perreault

After leaving Survivor 44 due to injury and medical reasons Bruce Perreault is back in Survivor 45 to redeem himself and live his survivor life. The 46-year-old Bruce is an insurance agent in Warwick, Rhode Island.

He wants to be a fun uncle whom other players can trust. In this season Bruce will be playing from the Belo tribe to compete in Survivor 45.

Sabiyah Broderick

The vibrant, resilient and proud truck driver living in Jacksonville, North Carolina said he is destined to be the sole survivor. The 28-year-old has vast experience in the military and also in college.

As having strong physic she is not worried about the challenges she will be facing in the competition. However, she’s excited to face all the challenges physically and mentally in Survivor 45. 

Brandon Donlon

Brandon Donlon Content Producer by profession and very enthusiastic about being in Survivor. Brandon has applied for Survivor before even being eligible for it. He is a jolly person who believes in making people comfortable around him.

He sees The Survivor as an opportunity to grow and get out of his comfort zone as he is not much of an outdoor person. He wants to play and enjoy the show but also he is serious about being in the show till last.

Sean Edwards

The school principal from Lawrence, New Jersey is 35 years old. Sean can empathize, connect with people easily and make people comfortable around him.

According to him his skills of communication and building alliances naturally will help him to win the $1 million and the title of the winner but as being gay he felt it is critical to achieve success.

Emily Flippen

Emily Fluppen from Laurel, Maryland is Investment Analyst originally from McKinney. She wants to change her daily routine by coming to Survivor 45 so she can challenge herself and add adventure to her life.

She is 28 years old and refers to herself as an aggressive woman who believes in playing her own game. Emily says if she’s not the contestant to win the Survivor she will be the one to be voted out first. 

Kaleb Gebrewold

Kaleb Gebrewold is 29 years old and has lived in 28 different countries while working remotely in software sales. Kaleb is the only Canadian to appear in Survivor 45.

Kaleb is enthusiastic about trying new things he has been involved in different things despite he never passed or qualified for anything.

However he refers to himself as a Golden retriever who will be hiding as a wolf underneath and playing energetically on the outside. It’ll be fun to see if his tricks will make him win the Survivor 45.

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose who has been sober from the age of 20 worked as a therapist for almost five years and running her private consultancy now.

The 33-year-old Hannah has prepared herself emotionally, mentally and physically to face the challenges and wanted to push her limits on Survivor 45.

Even if she’s a therapist and mostly seen as easy-going she knows how to play the games mentally. She has also prepared herself physically to give strong competition to other contestants on Survivor 45.

Julie Alley

The oldest contestant on Survivor 45 wants to inspire other women in their 40s by participating in the show. Julie Alley is 49 years old and an estate attorney by profession living in Brentwood, Tennessee. She has been a single mother and attorney for five years and survived a challenging life on her own.

Julie thinks she has many experiences that will help her survive in the competition. Also, Julie says why not me when it comes to being the winner of Survivor 45.

Janani “J. Maya” Krishnan-Jha

Singer living in Los Angeles Janani “J. Maya” Krishnan-Jha aka J. Maya is 24 years old californian girl. J. Maya is passionate about singing and being a songwriter for which she has rejected an offer from Harvard Law School.

She usually sings about the crossword puzzle and Greek mythology. She sees her life as similar to the Survivor and believes in risking and winning the Survivor. 

Drew Basile

Drew Basile is a graduate student and one of the youngest contestants of Survivor 45. Drew describes himself as a potent speaker who does competitive trivia and scrabble for fun in his free time.

He is smart and sometimes people might see him as a nerd but he uses his smartness to get stronger in the show. He is inspired by the Survivor 26 winner John Cochran and wants to follow in his footsteps to win Survivor 45.

Dee Valladares

The Miami entrepreneur Dee Valladares is 26 years old and from Havana, Cuba. She has launched her own luggage design business which has had immense success. Dee believes in making good connections and being a team player.

Also according to her contestant might see her just as a pretty face but she won’t take it back when it comes to performing the challenges. She wanted to pay back her family for all the struggles they had by winning the Survivor 45.

Katurah Topps

Katurah Topps believes in living life is doing things that scare the crap out of her. The 35-year-old is a civil rights attorney from Brooklyn, New York. to experience the new adventure Katurah is joining Survivor 45.

As a lawyer, she has strong social skills which she will be using to advance in the competition. The sweet, small-town girl wanted to utilize this opportunity as an adventure vacation to be on.

Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup

The 30-year-old Nicholas has been a martial artist his all life and a gym owner with his impressive physical stats he is set to face all the physical challenges easily on Survivor 45. He is also passionate about music and hopes to win everything he indulges himself in.

Nicholas has also competed in world tournaments and is a long-time practitioner of Tai Chi. he is living his life with all the things he wanted to do and he will be performing the challenges to the fullest in Survivor 45.

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