American Ninja Warrior 2023 winner/champion, Runner-up & Prize Money – Season 15

The popular game show American Ninja Warrior is approaching the finale and we are just a few steps away from getting the winner of season 15 of American Ninja Warrior 2023.

The fifteenth season with all new athletes competing for the grand prize of $1 million to take home. The show follows the same concept as the Japanese reality series Sasuke where the male and women contestants from different places try to survive in the show by completing the obstacles.

The series premiered on 5th June 2023 on NBC with some amazing contestants qualifying in all the courses making their places in the finals of the show. The one who will clear all the obstacles in the final in the given timeframe will be declared as the winner of the season.

The winner of the American Ninja Warrior season 15 will be rewarded with a $1 million prize money. Most contestants were not able to qualify for the obstacles, so the show rewarded the Last Ninja Standing with a prize money of $100,000.

The runner-up of the show gets the same prize amount as the winner while the second runner-up receives $ 500,000 and the third runner-up receives $ 250,000. With the fourteen athletes qualifying for the final viewers are super excited to know the winner of season 15.

American Ninja Warrior 2023 Winner/Champion

  • Winner of American Ninja Warrior Season 15 (2023) Vance Walker πŸ†.
  • Runner-up of American Ninja Warrior Season 15 (2023) Kyle Soderman.

Top Finalists for American Ninja Warrior Season 15 – 2023

The exciting reality game show is approaching the finals and viewers have got the top finalist of season 15 in the last episode who will be competing in the season finale for the title of winner of the Amazing Ninja Warrior season 15. The top finalists are:

  • Noah Meunier
  • Enzo DeFerrari Wilson
  • Hans Hertz
  • Nacssa Garemore
  • Austin Gray
  • RJ Roman
  • Jonathan Bange
  • Jera Boyd
  • Elijah Browning
  • Caleb Bergstrom
  • Ethan Bartnicki
  • Daniel Gil

The two-time champion of the American 

  • Kyle Soderman 2023 runner-up
  • Vance Walker 2023 Winner πŸ†

Who wins American Ninja Warrior 2023?

The winner of American Ninja Warrior 2023 is Vance Walker, a two-time American Ninja Warrior Junior champion. He completed Course 7 in the fastest time, beating out Kaden Lebsack, who also completed the course. Walker is the fourth person to achieve Total Victory on American Ninja Warrior, and the second person to win the $1 million prize.

American Ninja Warrior Season 15 Winner Prediction: Who Can Win? 

There are several strong contenders for the title of American Ninja Warrior Season 15 winner. Here are some of them:

  • Vance Walker: He is a two-time American Ninja Warrior Junior champion and has been impressive throughout the season. He completed Stage in the fastest time and shocked everyone by beating Daniel Gil in the head-to-head race. He also completed Stage and Stage, Making him one of the two finalists to attempt Stage 4.
  • Kai Beckstrand: He is another teenage sensation from Utah who has been the fastest ninja all season long. He completed the qualifying course in a little over 54 seconds, more than 20 seconds ahead of the second-fastest time of the night. He also conquered the Mega Wall and won $10,000. He completed Stage 1 with ease but fell on Stage 2 due to a misstep on the Salmon Ladder.
  • Kaden Lebsack: He is the youngest competitor in the history of ANW and has been dominating the course with his speed and agility. He was the Last Ninja Standing in Season 13 and Season 14, winning $100,000 each time. He also completed Stage 2 and Stage 3, joining Vance Walker as the other finalist to attempt Stage 4.

How much prize money will be given to the winner of the American Ninja Warrior trophy?

The prize money for the winner of the American Ninja Warrior Trophy is $1 million. This is the amount that is awarded to the ninja who completes all four final stages at the National Finals.

However, this does not happen every season, as the course is very difficult and challenging. Only two people have achieved Total Victory on American Ninja Warrior so far: Isaac Caldiero in Season 7 and Drew Drechsel in Season 11. If more than one ninja completes Stage 4, the prize money is split among them.

What is the American Ninja Warrior season 15 finale date?

The American Ninja Warrior Season 15 finale date is September 11, 2023. This is the episode where the two finalists, Vance Walker and Kaden Lebsack, will attempt Stage 4 of the National Finals and compete for the $1 million prize. It will be a thrilling and historic finale for ANW Season 15.


Q. Who Won American Ninja Warrior 2023 Season 15?

A. The winner of American Ninja Warrior 2023 Season 15 isΒ Vance Walker πŸ†

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