Every Season American Ninja Warrior Winners List Including 2023 With Photo

American Ninja Warrior Winners List – One of the programs that challenge you to perform to the best of your physical and mental ability is American Ninja Warrior.

Even though many strive to overcome the obstacles at various levels and into the finale, only one person is declared the victor and takes home the trophy.

To be the winner of American Ninja Warrior, one needs a degree of focus, discipline, and athleticism that is practically equivalent to that of an Olympian.

There have only ever been two Ninja champions in the history of the show. It is true that only two contestants have won the top prize of $1 million over the course of the past 14 seasons, demonstrating how tough the competition is. 

Nevertheless, even if you do not win, each season of ANW has a Last Ninja Standing, also known as the contestant who makes it the farthest (and fastest), considering it as a victory.

In light of this, who have the Last Ninjas Standing been over the years? Below is a refresher for you.

Who were the Last Ninjas Standing and American Ninja Warrior Champions from Each Season?

The Last Ninja Standing appears in every season, despite the fact that they are the only two to advance far enough to win. These competitors advance the farthest and quickest in the competition.

Even if they were unable to win $1 million, reaching this stage of the competition is no simple feat. The complete list is provided below.

American Ninja Warrior Winners List

American Ninja Warrior is a popular sports reality show that challenges contestants to complete a series of obstacle courses. The show has been running for 15 Seasons, but only two contestants have ever been crowned as champions by completing all four stages of the final course. They are winners list here:

ANW Winner Season 1

Last Ninja StandingLevi Meeuwenberg
Cash Prize$250,000

Meeuwenberg, a former Sasuke contestant and the first gravity-defying contender won the title of Last Ninja Standing in American Ninja Warrior Season 1. With 16.01 seconds left on the clock, he finished the first stage and was the first to complete the race.

Levi Meeuwenberg winner of anw season 1

He was the sole competitor to complete the Second Stage despite obstacles being at bay. After Season 4 of ANW, Meeuwenberg left the tournament. Meeuwenberg currently has a successful career as a stuntman.

ANW Winner Seasons 2 And 3

Year2010 and 2011
Last Ninja StandingDavid Campbell
Cash PrizeSeason 2 – $250,000; Season 3 – $500,000

After winning both seasons of American Ninja Warrior and earning the title of Last Ninja Standing, Campbell shook up the ANW community. Due to his unmatched speed and fortitude in the face of challenges, he is recognized for having the fastest First Stage clear time among American Ninja Warrior competitors.

Campbell rose to fame as the first ANW participant to construct an impromptu obstacle course in his backyard. Campbell works as a musician and an ANW competitive trainer now. Campbell has taken part in every ANW season, together with the adored Brian Kretsch.

David Campbell winner of Anw season 2 & 3

ANW Winner Season 4 

Last Ninja StandingBrent Steffensen
Cash Prize$500,000

Steffenson, a ten-time ANW contestant, won over spectators during Season 4 of the show by defeating the Ultimate Cliffhanger. Steffensen’s current job as a stuntman is ideal for a competitor who can soar in the air. In addition to these accolades, he currently works as a motivational speaker and presenter at well-known events.

Brent Steffensen winner of ANW Season 4

ANW Winner Season 5

Last Ninja StandingBrian Arnold
Cash Prize$500,000

Arnold is a fantastic ANW competitor who holds the distinction of having won Season 5 of Last Ninja Standing. He works as a maintenance director for an unnamed corporation.

Arnold has participated in ANW seven times, but his first appearance saw him create history by becoming the first American to successfully complete the Spider Flip and Hang Climb.

Brian Arnold Winner of ANW Season 5

ANW Winner Seasons 6 and 9    

YearSeason 6 – 2014; Season 9 – 2017
Last Ninja StandingJoe Moravsky
Cash PrizeSeason 6 – $500,000; Season 9 – $100,000

In Seasons 6 and 9, Moravsky won the ANW competition, and during the challenging obstacle course, he gave it his all. As one of the all-time most significant ANW competitors, Moravsky set records in Season 14 by finishing the most Mega Walls.

Moravsky represented the United States in American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. the World, USA vs. the World 2, and the ANW: All-Stars Special in addition to taking part in every ANW season since Season 6. Moravsky works as a weatherman and a parkour and gymnastics coach in Connecticut today.

Joe Moravsky winner of ANW season 6 and 9

ANW Winner Season 7    

Last Ninja StandingGeoff Britten, Isaac Calidero (Champion)
Cash Prize$1,000,000

In Season 7 of ANW, Calidero became the first-ever Last Ninja Standing to win the title of Champion and the $1,000,000 prize, making history.

Professional rock climber Caldiero and fellow Season 7 Ninja Geoff “Popeye” Britten both won the title of Last Ninja Standing, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Caldiero achieved a faster time during the tense Final Stage, resulting in the historic victory.

Geoff Britten or Isaac Calidero winner of ANW Season 7

ANW Winner Seasons 8, 10, and 11     

Year2016, 2018, and 2019
Last Ninja StandingDrew Drechsel
Cash PrizeSeason 8 – $100,000; Season 10 – $100,000; Season 11 – $1,000,000

In the eighth and tenth seasons of American Ninja Warrior, Drew Drechsel won the competition after putting out an exceptional level of effort in the run’s final round. He has displayed amazing vigor that has surpassed his fellow competitors throughout the series.

After defeating Daniel Gil in a 75-foot rope climb during Season 11, Drew was crowned the winner of American Ninja Warrior and awarded a whopping $1 million. With 0:2.54 of the allotted 30 seconds remaining, Drew, one of 21 competitors, completed the climb.

He once ran a gym, but at the time of this writing, he has been accused and charged by the police in his Florida home with child sex crimes due to having an explicit relationship with a minor.

Following this incident, the show has cut all relations with Drew Drechsel.

Drew Drechsel winner of Anw Season 8, 10 and 11.

ANW Winner Season 12         

Last Ninja StandingDaniel Gil
Cash Prize$100,000

Gil is a vocalist, worship leader, and trainer who rose to fame as Kingdom Ninja during Season 12 of ANW. Gil captured the audience’s attention when he completed every challenge without failing once during the entire season. Gil is still the only contestant from the ANW to have achieved that remarkable feat.

Daniel Gil winner of ANW Season 12

ANW Winner Seasons 13 and 14       

Year2021 and 2022
Last Ninja StandingKaden Lebsack
Cash PrizeSeason 13 – $100,000; Season 14 – $100,000

Lebsack, a 17-year-old contestant in the ANW, was the most recent winner of the title of Last Ninja Standing. Lebsack dominated the competition in ANW Seasons 13 and 14, winning all of the judges’ respect with a perfect score of 100. Lebsack is the first ANW participant to have won two consecutive seasons.

image 9

ANW Winner Seasons 15   

Last Ninja StandingVance Walker 🏆
Cash Prize$1 Million

We are nearer than ever to learning which excellent Ninja will win the $1 million prize and the title of Last Ninja Standing with the Season 15 finale just around the corner. Stage 2 was jam-packed with action, with Ninjas competing against one another to advance to Stage 3.

Vance Walker winner of ANW Season 15 - 2023

Six challenging obstacles—the striding steps, double salmon ladder, jawbreakers, swing surfer, epic air surfer, and the nerve-wracking falling shelves—were faced by Ninjas as they competed against one another.

Who among the Ninjas won? Here is a list of ANW Ninjas advancing to Stage 3 of the American Ninja Warriors Las Vegas Finals that will be aired on September 11, 2023.

  • Noah Meunier.
  • Enzo DeFerrari Wilson.
  • Hans Hertz.
  • Nacssa Garemore.
  • Austin Gray.
  • RJ Roman.
  • Jonathan Bange.
  • Jera Boyd.
  • Elijah Browning.
  • Caleb Bergstrom.
  • Ethan Bartnicki.
  • Daniel Gil.
  • Kyle Soderman (Runner-up Winner).
  • Vance Walker (🏆Winner $1 Million ).

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