Big Brother Australia 2023 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – BBAU -15

The popular reality show in Australia started in 2001 and has completed 14 instalments till now. The 15th season of Big Brother Australia started on November 6, 2023, and has already reached its finals. Within a few hours, we will be getting the ultimate winner of Big Brother Australia season 15.

With all four finalists making it into the show’s final, everyone is excited to know the winner of season 15. Who will win Big Brother season 15 and take the prize money home? For a twist this season, contestants were fighting for the winner’s title prize money and the love of their lives.

Where all the contestants performed exceptionally only a few made it to the finals and got the chance to win the $100,000. Among all the finalists, the audience has already predicted the winner and contestant who is going to win the title of winner in 2023.

Big Brother Australia Season 15 Winner & Prize Money

The Big Brother Australia season 15 has reached its finale where all the finalists are ready to earn the title of winner. Along with the title of winner, the winner will get a cash prize of $100,000. In this along with the prize money and title the contestants who participated single were aiming to find their love.

While performing every task and being on top Louis Phillips has made his place in the viewer’s hearts. His strategic gameplay has made him a fan favourite in the Big Brother house. Tay and Ari are also strong contestants for Big Brother’s title of winner.

The winner of the show is decided by the public votes. On December 6, 2023, in the finale of the show, we will get the ultimate winner of Big Brother Season 15 who will win the Grand prize of $100,000 and the winner trophy of BBAU 2023.

Big Brother Australia Finalists 2023 – Season 15

Big Brother Australia season 15 Finalists:

S.NContestant Name Age From Status 
1.Louis Phillips23Melbourne, VictoriaRunner Up 
2.Mineé Marx22Perth, Western AustraliaFinalist 
3.Tay & Ari Wilcoxson23 & 20QueenslandWinner 🏆
4.Taylah Davies27VictoriaFinalist 

Big Brother Australia 2023 Winner Prediction

Louis Phillips has the highest probability of winning the title of winner. Coming from Melbourne, Victoria he is emotionally intelligent and kind. His strategic game and charming personality have made his fans a favourite.

The social media manager by profession Louis is 24 years old and has a huge fan following on social media. The fitness freak Louis has almost 185K plus followers on Instagram. According to a betting website Sportsbet Louis Phillips has $2.25 odds to become the winner.

Tay and Ari are second in the race due to their low gameplay in the last episodes. In the end, it all depends on the audience’s votes and love. 


Q. Who won the season 15 BBAU Trophy?

The season 15 Big Brother AU trophy was won by Tay & Ari Wilcoxson 🏆.

Q. Who is the winner of Big Brother Australia 2023?

The winner of the Big Brother Australia 2023 is Tay & Ari Wilcoxson 🏆.

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