CBS survivor 2024: official Application is open for Survivor 45, How to apply, Premiere date, Location & cast details

Survivor is an American adventure reality game show that is based on the international Survivor model.

The idea of the program is comparable to earlier iterations of the Survivor format; a group of contestants is referred to as “castaways” since they are stranded in a distant location.

The castaways must provide for themselves in terms of shelter, food, water, and fire. The players take part in a range of challenges for rewards and to avoid elimination.

Players are eventually taken out of the game as they are chosen by their fellow castaways to leave the island.

The final castaway standing receives the title of “Sole Survivor” as well as a US $1,000,000 cash reward. The casting for Survivor 45 is already open, and the program is actively seeking new applicants.

It is anticipated that members of the cast of Survivor 45 will appear in the Fall 2024 CBS programs, so this is intriguing news.

This post will tell you all you need to know about Survivor 2024, including how to sign up and how to audition.

Apply for Survivor 2023 Season 45
Apply for CBS Survivor Season 45

How to Apply for CBS Survivor 2024?

How to apply for Survivor 45 applications – The applications for Survivor 2024 Season 45 are quite easy to understand. Submissions will only be taken on its official website, On the official channel, registration for Survivor 2024 Season 45 has already started and can be done by following the steps listed below:

  • All interested participants are advised to visit the official website,, to complete the registration form. You can select the “Apply Now” tab on this page.
  • After clicking on the “Apply Now” tab, you need to select the country from where you are applying, US or Canada.
  • The candidates’ next step is to complete the registration form with information such as their name, age, date of birth, gender, city, state, phone number, and address.
  • Further, the candidates are asked to upload their photographs in a format specified on the official website.
  • Participants are asked to submit a VIDEO with their application that showcases their talent and includes a personal statement. The duration of the video and the format of the video must match the specifications listed on the official website.
  • Candidates are required to confirm that all information given is genuine and accurate.
  • Please read the official Terms & Conditions before submitting the application form as any noncompliance could result in the application being denied.

Eligibility Criteria for Survivor 2024

Participants must meet the following requirements to be eligible to compete in Survivor 2024:

  • The applicant must be at least 16 years of age at the time of application.
  • The applicant must be either a US or Canadian Citizen and have a valid US or Canadian passport confirming them a legal permanent resident of the US or Canada.
  • Throughout the competition, the competitors will face some of the most challenging circumstances they have ever faced, therefore they must be both physically and mentally fit.
  • The participants should be comfortable sharing a small space with strangers, have decent social skills, and be self-assured.
  • As the producer will do a background check and any other background checks, they think necessary, the participant should not have any criminal convictions on their record.

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Survivor Auditions 2024

Similar to previous seasons, the Survivor Auditions 2024 will follow the same format. Which contender gets farther in the selection process and ultimately into the competition will depend heavily on their performance in the auditions.

After registration, the casting director and producer will carefully analyze each application. It is advised for all contestants to submit their best video in order to secure their place in the producer’s eyes because an effective video is essential at this stage in the selection of the applicant.

The producers and casting director then narrow down a few strong and deserving contestants from among the hundreds of entries and applications after careful consideration.

The Survivor 2024 casting process will then get underway, with the producers and casting director choosing only 16-20 most deserving individuals to advance to the finale.

Survivor 2024 Season 45 Cast

Because the registration and application processes are still underway, the Survivor cast has not yet been revealed. After the application and audition processes are complete, the production company or the official channel will announce the cast for Survivor 2024.

Survivor 2024 Judges

According to the Survivor format, there are no assigned judges for this game show, but castaways vote contestants off the island one by one, which results in a slow elimination of contestants.

Survivor Season 45 Host

Jeff Probst has hosted Survivor for an unprecedented number of seasons. He has been the host of Survivor since 2000 and has won Emmy Award for “Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program,” not once, but thrice. Jeff Probst is also one of the executive producers of the Survivor reality series.

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Location of Survivor 2024

Location of Survivor 45 – Since the first season, several locations all around the world have been used to film the American version of Survivor, typically favoring warm and tropical conditions.

Survivor has been filmed in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji since season 33, and hopefully will continue to be the location for Survivor Season 45.

You need a lot of patience and endurance to participate in Survivor and preserve your strength in the game. This game requires a lot of patience and discernment because there are new challenges every week.

The secret to winning this game and advancing is having both mental and physical fortitude. Therefore, don’t be hesitant to apply for Survivor 2024 if you think you have these qualities.

So, are you ready to get the feel of living in the wild?

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