Hannah Rose (Survivor USA 45) Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

The popular reality competition show of America is renewed for season 45 with all new 18 contestants participating in the Survivor. The participants from various backgrounds will go head-to-head to complete the challenges. Hannah Rose has been cast for season 45.

She is 33 years old hailing from Maryland, USA. Hannah is a therapist by profession and loves dancing and singing. She has prepared herself to survive on the island of Fiji and win the title of winner. So here we have mentioned everything we know about the enthusiastic contestant of Survivor Hannah Rose.

Who is Hannah Rose on Survivor USA?

Hannah Rose is a Therapist by profession and has a variety of interests. She’s 33 years old, born in Woodbridge, Connecticut on 26 September 1990. She has been staying in Maryland since 2008 to pursue her studies. The big fan of reality shows has been selected as a contestant on the upcoming season 45 of Survivor.

Hannah Rose – What is she known for?

Hannah Rose is known for her enthusiastic personality and is also known for being a therapist. She has performed counseling in the summer camps. She is currently participating in the competition series Survivor season 45.

What are some of her most notable accomplishments?

One of the most notable accomplishments for Hannah is her decision to get sober. Hannah has been living a sober life since August 28, 2011, and this is the thing she is most proud of.

Hannah Rose Biography

Hannah Rose hailing from Woodbridge, Connecticut. She is 33 years old and a therapist by profession. She attended Goucher College a liberal arts college in Maryland. She came to Maryland in 2008 and since then she has stayed in Baltimore City of Maryland.

She has done her bachelor’s in psychology as she wanted to be a therapist. Later she completed her masters in mental health counseling from Johns Hopkins. She has worked as a therapist for almost five years and now she’s doing her private practice as a therapist. 

Hannah Rose Early life and education

Hannah is from Woodbridge, Connecticut. She has done her education in Maryland. She has done her college from a liberal arts college named Goucher College.

She has completed her bachelor’s in psychology and later master’s in mental health counseling from Johns Hopkins of Baltimore, Maryland.

Career and professional achievements of Hannah Rose

Hannah started her career as a therapist in Maryland. She has done a bachelor’s in psychology but never felt like being the one. She has been a counselor in a summer camp which motivated her to face the challenges. She worked as a therapist for almost five years and later started running her private group practice. 

Personal life and hobbies

Hannah Rose born on 26 September 1990 is 33 years old now. She runs a private practice as a therapist. She has completed her education in Maryland.

She hasn’t revealed much about her personal life. She is a passionate person in real life. Hannah likes doing activities with her dog Ralph in her free time and her hobbies include Musical theater and Peloton.

How did she get on the Survivor?

Hannah Rose is a fan of reality shows so while searching for a show to binge watch Hannah came across the reality show Survivor and seeing its plot decided to apply for it.

She made an audition video of herself, sent it to the official casting team and has completed the casting process. According to her, it’s more like a dream that she got on the show without any plans or preparation. 

What was Hannah’s strategy?

Hannah considers herself a very strategic person. When she got cast for the season, she started to work on herself. She tried intermediate fasting but failed but she did build up her endurance and improve her physical strength by doing physical stuff. Also, she reads books to build up emotionally which will give her an edge in the show as many lose themselves emotionally.

What did she do?

Hannah is an exciting person with a bubbly personality. She does her work very passionately. Due to COVID she got involved in binge-watching reality shows and came across the CBS show Survivor and decided to apply for it.

What were some of her most memorable moments?

Hannah hasn’t mentioned any of her memorable moments as of now but the moment when she decided to be sober can be considered as a memorable moment of her life.

Hannah Rose Net Worth

The net worth of Hannah Rose ranges between $100K – $1 million approximately. 

How much money has she made?

The exact amount of money she has made is not revealed yet but as an experienced therapist, she must be earning generously. She has diverse interests and recently appeared in the reality show Survivor which has improved her earnings. 

What are her sources of income?

Hannah Rose is a professional therapist professionally. She has completed her studies in psychology and being a therapist is the major source of her income. 

What is her lifestyle like?

Hannah Rose has opted for a sober lifestyle from her twenties. Currently, she works in Maryland as a private therapist. She loves watching reality shows and music. She has a simple yet satisfying life.

Expected survivor earnings

Generally, the cast of the popular reality show Survivor is estimated to make $12,000- $100,000 approximately. However, the earnings of each cast member can vary. Also, the winner of the show gets the grand prize of $1 million.


The bubbly, passionate and enthusiastic Hannah Rose is featured in the famous competition series Survivor season 45. She’s ready to survive the challenges and win the title of Survivor season 45 winner.

Coming from a psychological background Hannah thinks she has an edge over other contestants, and she has prepared herself mentally to face the challenges of being a survivor. She’s a therapist and has her counseling group.

She hasn’t revealed much about her personal life, but she has chosen to be sober when she was in her twenties. The 33-year-old therapist by profession is ready to give tough competition to the other participants on the island.

What does the future hold for Hannah Rose?

It is uncertain what the future will hold for Hannah but being enthusiastic and passionate about everything she does. Hannah runs her private practice group and is a therapist. If she wins the Survivor season, she will win a prize money of $1 million.

Hannah Rose’s thoughts on Survivor and his experience on the show

According to Hannah, the show fulfills all the psychological, and physical aspects that will push her to improve herself. Hannah wants to push herself in the show emotionally, psychologically, and physically as much as she can. The show has a challenging plot, so she wants to expose herself to all the challenges.

Hannah Rose’s advice to aspiring Survivor contestants

Hannah hasn’t mentioned any advice or things for the aspiring contestants coming to Survivor.

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