How to Audition for Haunted House Casting 2024

The holidays are a busy time for actors and actresses who can create income before the new year. Finding extra work is done in the promotion of a job an actor has already taken and still fits with their schedule.

To find out more about this kind of seasonal work, I spoke with Timothy Haskell. He has cast hundreds of actors while helming haunted houses such as “Nightmare,” “This is Real,” and “I Can’t See” in New York City.

“I Can’t See” is an interactive storytelling experience where you are put in the middle of a horror movie.

Here’s how you can get cast at a haunted house.

Haunted house
Haunted house

How do you audition for a haunted house?

We quickly turn around our auditions and can’t wait to meet you. We don’t require any preparation, just show up with your headshots and resume’. We’ll do open calls over the next few days and encourage people to just come in!

What skills do you need?

We look for people who are happy, outgoing, and energetic. They are the personality types that best fit this sort of work.

We want actors who are willing to try out new roles, especially if they are a bit unusual. We want people who can do readings from books or ask them to howl like a wolf.

All of the information you need to know about applying to the 2024 Season

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Who had the best audition ever?

Haunted House audition & casting call – We had someone audition that only had one arm, and they played both sides of the role amazingly. Performers with two arms are encouraged to audition, it’s not required though.

How does one rehearse for a haunted house audition?

Although you have a lot of conflicts with the performance dates, you seem very uninterested in this play, and you have acted like you are doing the directors a favor by being there.

Why audition for a haunted house?

Fame is great, but acting is more important. If acting isn’t your thing, however, you can get experience by helping in a haunted house.

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