Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Voting Online, Voting Poll Voot Online – Eliminations

Marathi Bigg boss 4 voting

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote Season 4 Here You can check Who is Nominated this week, Evicted Contestant’s Name? Vote results trend today & This week, How to Vote Online Bigg Boss Marathi Online on Voot app etc.

Bigg Boss Marathi 4 Vote – Want to register your favorite contestant from Bigg Boss 4 Marathi Vote here are all the details on how to do it. There are two options available for Bigg Boss 4 Marathi voting, you can vote online or you can vote on the lost call procedure.

The Marathi language is mainly spoken in India of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, and Karnataka in India and to entertain this huge fanbase Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 was launched. In Big Boss Marathi Season 4, contestants can only speak the Marathi language.

Marathi Bigg boss voting 2022

No other languages can interact with each other within a household. Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Voting DetailsBigg Boss Marathi Voting Season 4 Via Voot Bigg Boss is the boss of a fairly famous reality TV show.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Voting Details

Show NameBigg Boss Marathi Season 4
Season Start Date19th Sept 2021
Host NameMahesh Manjrekar
Streaming LiveVoot & Colors Marathi
Show CategoryReality Show
Marathi Bigg Boss VoteBigg Boss Marathi Vote Season 4
Timing09:30pm to 10:30pm [Everyday]
Official VotingVoot Marathi App
Marathi Bigg boss voting 2022

Voot Bigg Boss Marathi Voting Season 4

This is a Marathi show airing every day on Colors Marathi with Star Host Mahesh Manjrekar. The program daily broadcasts all the important events of the previous day. back with Season 4 of the Marathi version of Bigg Boss. According to the show’s story, voting begins in a week to vote. Once the nomination process is complete, candidate voting begins. So here we are going to explain the official methods of Bigg Boss Marathi voting.

How to vote for the 4th season of Bigg Boss Marathi on Voot?

If you want to save your favorite Marathi contestant through the Bigg Boss 4 voting, in this article we will let you know about the Bigg Boss 2021 Marathi vote options. With this, you can prevent your favorite candidate from being thrown out. Cast your vote from home, and friends, you can vote online, and you can vote through the application.

Methods for Bigg Boss Marathi Voting

  • In the Voot mobile app
  • Via the Voot website
  • Via our website
  • The missed call Voting process

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote on Voot App

Step 1: First, visit the Google Play Store.
Step 1: Search “Voot” in Search Bar.
Step 1: Now download and install the Voot app.
Step 1: Then register Through Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
Step 1: Now search for Bigg Boss Marathi Vote.
Step 1: Now choose your favorite content to vote for and hit the submit button.

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote via

Step 1: For colors Bigg Boss Marathi to vote online you would like to go to
Step 2: Register, fill out a form or use the Quick Up language technique via Google or Facebook.
Step 3: Currently Search Bigg Boss Marathi.
Step 4: You will see photos of the roommate.
Step 5: Currently opt for one of them and a solid rating.

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote through Missed Call Numbers

Step 1: put in writing Your Favorite Contestant’s voting number
Step 2: Then Dial the Number.
Step 3: Now call his number incomprehensibly and your vote will be counted.

Only your first missed call counts as a vote and any subsequent missed calls after the first are null and void.

Note: You can vote whenever you want, except Saturday at noon and Sunday at noon.

  • Eliminated Contestants Are:
  • No Eviction this week
  • Shivlila(Walked)

Marathi Bigg Boss Voting Results for Season 4th

Next, I will provide you with Bigg Boss Marathi 4 Voting Polls where you will learn the names of Bigg Boss contestants currently playing in the house. You just have to vote for your favorite candidate that you want to see as the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi 4.

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