How to Register MasterChef Singapore Application Season 5 & MasterChef SG Audition 2024 Casting call & Release Date

MasterChef Singapore Application – Do you intend to compete in the upcoming MasterChef Singapore 2024 Season 5? Here are all the details regarding MasterChef Singapore 2024 Season 5 application, audition, and casting call dates.

  • MasterChef Singapore Application
  • Masterchef singapore 2024 season 5 audition and casting dates

What is MasterChef Singapore?

MasterChef Singapore is a reality competition cooking show in Singapore that is based on the first British MasterChef. Beach House Pictures and Motion Content Group are the producers, while Mediacorp Channel 5 is where it airs.

MasterChef Singapore aims to find the best amateur chefs in the country, just like the worldwide MasterChef competition.

It consequently inspires millions of novice home cooks to give a shot at their culinary abilities to enhance their life as the previous champions of MasterChef Singapore have been given access to a variety of extraordinary opportunities that they never would have imagined.

The contestants must pass through a series of selection procedures before they can enter the MasterChef Kitchen, where they face off against the other few contestants who have been chosen in a race to win the MasterChef Trophy.

Basics Information for Singapore MasterChef

Name of the Show:MasterChef Singapore
Genre:Cookery Reality competition
Director:Kenny Png
Creator:Franc Roddam
Executive Producers:Jocelyn Little Andrew Holland Steven Murphy Fera Rosihan-Robinson
Judges:Audra Morrice Damian d’Silva Bjorn Shen
Country of Origin:Singapore
Official Language:English
Production House:Beach House Pictures Motion Content Group
Original Network:Mediacorp
Original Release:September 2, 2018 – Present.
Run Time:46-47 minutes.
No of Seasons3

How to Apply MasterChef Singapore Season 5 Application?

MasterChef Singapore application 2024 – Following steps are required to apply for MasterChef Singapore.

  • The official site for MasterChef Singapore Season 5 application is Contestants need to access this site and click on “APPLY NOW” to complete the registration process.
  • Fill in the necessary basic details like name, address, etc.
  • Participants must create a 1- to the 3-minute video displaying their culinary abilities, introducing themselves, and describing what cooking means to them. This video must be in the format specified on the page.
  • Participants must also upload a photo of themselves as well as pictures of the last three dishes they have made.
  • MasterChef Singapore Application
  • Carefully read the official Terms & Conditions before completing the application form.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants for the contest must be at least 18 years old.
  • Only amateur chefs are allowed to enter the tournament.
  • The contestant must be a Singaporean national or have legal authorization to reside in Singapore.
  • The participant’s current principal source of income cannot come from any type of professional chef work.

MasterChef Singapore Audition & Casting Call 2024

MasterChef Singapore Audition 2024 – The top few home cooks are picked for the audition process from among all the registrations. All forms and the registration form’s accompanying videos are reviewed by the producers and the expert selection panel.

They thoroughly evaluate each one before selecting the top few to move on in the MasterChef Singapore competition.

The producers then interview the selected contestants, and the outcome of this interview determines who moves on to the audition round.

Pre-registration for MasterChef Singapore 2024 Season 5 is necessary for the Open Casting Call. Pre-registration is strongly advised, and selecting your open call location in advance is suggested.

All of the details and information about the pre-registration process are available on the official website. Once the pre-registration procedure has been successful, attending an open call is recommended.

MasterChef Singapore Season 5 Release Date

MasterChef Singapore 2024 Release Date – Since its premiere, MasterChef Singapore has grown exponentially in popularity and viewership. Based on the response the show has gotten, Season 5 of MasterChef Singapore could air in 2024.

The date hasn’t been verified yet. For the exact commencement date, do keep checking the official website or this homepage as we will keep updating this page with the latest information.


Q. Is MasterChef Singapore coming back in 2024?

A. Regarding the continuation of MasterChef Singapore for Season 5, neither Mediacorp Channel 5 nor the production firm have made any official statement.

However, given the show’s enormous popularity, we can expect MasterChef Singapore 2024 to debut in the first part of the following

Q. How can I submit an application for MasterChef Singapore 2024?

A. You need to submit an application for MasterChef Singapore 2024 at their official website

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