The new series next level chef launches in the UK in 2023 – When does it start on ITV1?

There has already been a big hit in the US with Gordon Ramsay’s reality cooking competition. Three unique kitchen spaces are almost 50 feet high and set over three levels.

A panel of three expert mentors and judges will critique and support the contestants as they compete for a £100,000 prize and a year of mentorship. Gordon Ramsay is one of these mentors and judges.

Next level chef 2023 uk
Next Level Chef UK 2023

When does Next Level Chef start in 2023?

ITV1 will Premiere Next Level Chef on Wednesday, 11 January 2023 at 9 PM. The series, there will be 8 episodes. Watch the series online via ITVX as well.

Ramsay will be joined by Paul Ainsworth, Gordon’s protege and Michelin Star Chef, as well as Nyesha Arrington, a newcomer to Next Level Chef US.

According to a teaser, each floor will test the contestants’ culinary creativity, agility, flair, and expertise.

Next Level Chef will put its chefs to the test whether they can thrive in any environment, from the state-of-the-art kitchen utopia to the gloomy ‘scraps only’ environment in the basement.

The winner will receive £100,000 in cash as well as a one-year mentorship under all three mentors.

Ramsay said of the show, “I want to see what our chefs, social media stars, and home cooks can do, regardless of their level of experience.”

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