How to apply for Race Across the world 2024 Series 5 Applications

Race Across the world 2024 – Race Across the world series 4 applications for the next series in 2024. Here’s how to apply the bcc hit series race across the world.

Race Across The World features pairs of contestants racing from a start line in one part of the world to a finish line thousands of miles away – all without the use of air travel or any of modern life’s trappings.

If you leave your Smartphone, Internet access, and credit cards behind and only have the cash to spend, you will find that you will be able to get around differently.

Following a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, a 5th season is now accepting applications.

Race Across The World 2022
Race Across The World Application 2024

Apply for Race Across the World Application 2024

If you must be at least 18 years old to apply.

If you are interested in Race Across the World computation so you can visit here and you can apply online via the BBC website.

Series 3 Applications for Race Across the World closed on 4 February 2022. You will be updated here as soon as there is an official announcement for the 2024 Series 5 Race Across the World. Stay connected with us for the latest information.

The BBC says that people are searching for a sense of belonging and this search echoes the feeling that we all want.

They add: “We’re looking for adventurous and dynamic pairs who want to make new memories. Do you feel the need to take on a challenge with your significant other?

You are never the same after your travel. So, register in our program so you can explore the world and be more fulfilled.

In 2020, BBC iPlayer saw Race Across The World’s contestants go from Mexico City to Ushuaia across all of Latin America.

The future of the Celebrity version remains to be seen. As of yet, it is unknown when it will start.

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** We will keep updating the Race Across the World as and when they pass the audition round and as we get confirmation regarding the same.

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  1. Please could you consider my partner and I for Race across the world? We are fun loving, quick thinking and in our fifties.

  2. Hi, I would like to apply for series 4 of race across the world with my daughter, I am 53, and my daughter is 21. We are both very active, quick thinking and well travelled. Thanks very much, Peter Stone

  3. Hi I’d like to apply for series for of race around the world with my father I am 39 and my father is 68 . We both are healthy and regular European travellers.

    Thank you



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