Who went home on Survivor tonight? – Elimination order

The popular show of CBS Survivor 45 is getting wild with the contestants playing different survival techniques and making strategic alliances to survive on Survivor 45. However, eliminations are destined as every week at least one contestant gets eliminated from the show.

In tonight’s tribal council of 5th week, Belo tribe member Brandon “Brando” Meyer got voted out. It was surprising to see Brandon getting out of the show as he has played the most challenges successfully. Brandon is the first one to get eliminated from the Belo tribe.

After losing the immunity challenge in the fifth week Bardon became the target of the Belo and Reba tribe and he got the votes against him which marked his end in the Survivor 45.

Survivor Elimination This Season

Season 45 of Survivor is back on CBS to entertain the fans. Survivor 45 premiered on September 27 with 18 contestants competing for the grand prize of $1 million on Survivor. The contestants are divided into three groups called tribes.

Contestants compete in groups and later individually to get the title of survivor. The contestants who lack survival skills and can’t complete the challenges are voted out by their fellow contestants. Each week one contestant gets eliminated in the tribal council.

In this season till now 5 contestants have been eliminated which first four contestants who got eliminated were from the Lulu tribe and Brandon “Brando” Meyer who got eliminated in 5th week was from the Belo tribe. The show is continuing with the remaining contestants of Survivor 45 trying hard to not get eliminated in the season.

Survivor Elimination Order 2023

Hannah Rose: the very first to get out of the show was Hannah Rose. however she wasn’t the target of the contestants but she asked for it. The survival journey and challenges made her quit the Survivor. Hannah from Maryland has a cheerful personality but she got lost in the challenges.

She started crying every 30 minutes and on the third day when the Lulu tribe lost the challenge, she asked her fellow contestants to vote her out and unexpectedly Hannah Rose got eliminated in the first week of Survivor 45.

Brandon Donlon: no doubt that Brandon Donlon got voted out from Survivor after Hannah Rose. Brandon performed very poorly in Survivor. After Hannah Rose got eliminated he became the sole target of his tribemates due to his poor performance in all the challenges.

He has lost all the challenges and also lost his chance to be an immunity idol. Sadly the superfan of Survivor got voted out with all three votes. 

Sabiyah Broderick: the marine veteran and truck driver Sabiyah Broderick got eliminated in the third week despite getting immunity power in the Lulu tribe. She tried to comply with Emily Flippen who’s recognised as her rival. Her strategy got flipped against her which led to her elimination on night 7 of Survivor 45. However, Sabiyah found her decision rash after getting out of the show.

Sean Edwards: after switching the tribes Sean got voted out in the 4th week of Survivor. He was formerly a member of the Lulu tribe but switched to the Reba tribe where he found himself in an odd place.

He asked the Reba tribe members to vote him out as what he enjoys the most is being with his husband and being satisfied with his Journey on Survivor 45. Eventually, Sean Edwards became the second contestant of Survivor 45 to quit the show.

Brandon “Brando” Meyer: the most unexpected elimination of Survivor 45 till now was Brandon Meyer getting voted out. The youngest member of the Belo tribe and first one from the Belo tribe to get out from Survivor 45.

He has performed well in the challenges and has mostly earned immunity and rewards till now. However, he got voted out on day 11 because of not having an ally. His strategies in the challenges worked well but after losing in the immunity challenge sadly Brandon left Survivor 45.

Remaining contestants on Survivor 2023

  • Austin Li Coon
  • Bruce Perreault
  • Dee Valladares
  • Drew Basile
  • Emily Flippen
  • Janani “J. Maya” Krishnan-Ja
  • Jake O’Kane
  • Julie Alley
  • Kaleb Gebrewold
  • Katurah Topps
  • Kellie Nalbandian
  • Kendra McQuarrie
  • Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup

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