Nellie Ryan (Love Triangle) – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth & Age

Who is Nellie on Love Triangle Season 2?

Nellie is a comedian who has high sarcasm and good humor. She is 25 years old and from Hobart Tasmania, Australia.

She had a pool of wrong dating experiences and was tired of the vanity that comes with relationships. So to find her love for life she is appearing on Love Triangle season 2.

Nellie Ryan Bio

Born in Hobart, Tasmania Nellie is 25 years old as of 2023. She is a comedian who has done several comedy shows in Tasmania. She has a bubbly personality who loves humor and sarcasm. She is funny and finds humor in everything and you need to have a good sense of humor to understand her.

She has been single for half a year as she doesn’t feel connected to anyone till now. According to Nellie, guys usually don’t swipe her right, that’s why she doesn’t even try those dating sites. But she also wanted to find love that lasted long for life.

So she is appearing in season 2 of Love Triangle to find her love who will love her for how she is. Nellie has shared the news of her being on the show with an Instagram post captioning some people are having babies, buying houses and im finding love on reality TV mentioning the Instagram page of Stan. 

Nellie Ryan Wiki

The standup comedian and performer Nellie was born in Tasmania, Australia. She is 25 years old and is funny by nature. She is a free spirit but also describes herself as a people pleaser. She is a little self-conscious but covers it with her humor and sarcasm.

As for her personality, she expects high sarcasm and humor from her partner. She has dated a few people but it can be described as a disaster. So let’s see if Nellie Ryan can find the same match of her sarcasm in the Love Triangle season 2. 

Net Worth of Nellie Ryan

Nellie Ryan is a comedian by profession who enjoys humor. She is assumed to be earning generously. We will update her net worth soon as it is currently unknown.  

Early Appearances on other shows

Nellie Ryan has done various stand-up shows. She has been performing live on different platforms in Tasmania. One of the recent shows at Clubhouse Comedy at Hobart Brewing was a successful one.

One of the hit shows is Quarter-Life Crisis which was her first comedy special. She has also featured in the comedy room show Gag Sabbath and now she is appearing in the comedy reality show Love Triangle season 2.

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