How to teen and kids Roles Auditions & Casting Calls In Washington DC?

It’s an interesting idea to start your child’s career in the acting industry by getting cast in a variety of shows. There are many popular upcoming shows and series that are casting in 2023.

You can start your kid’s career in this field by getting roles in commercials taking place in Washington, DC. As of now, there are many ongoing auditions taking place in Washington, DC, where you can apply easily.

To apply, all you need to do is fill out the Application forms and get a call from the casting team for the auditions. You can also email your details and required documents to the official email addresses provided by the officials.

How Can Apply teen and kids roles auditions?

For the application, you need to include basic details like your child’s name, age, height, weight, and location. If your child has any previous experience, then mention it briefly. Attach his or her headshot and full body photo.

Sometimes the application process requires you to include a short introduction video that illustrates the kid. Apply successfully and wait for a call back from the casting team.

It’s a great opportunity for teenagers and kids to kickstart their careers as child actors or actresses. Many celebrities started their careers as child actors in commercials and series. It’s always easier for the kids to get shortlisted in the auditions compared to adult performers.

The kids don’t need anything special to get into auditions. What casting producers and agencies look for is the natural personality the kid has. You can also prepare your child with all the requirements so that he can ace the auditions easily.

In Washington, DC, you have numerous opportunities to get into auditions, so you don’t need to get a personal agent or manager for your kid. As a parent, you can directly apply for your kids at the different auditions. So what are you waiting for? Apply to the latest auditions and secure your child’s career as a performer.

Casting for a teenage boy

In Washington, DC, a show is casting a teen boy to play the role of the lead brother. To apply for the role, parents can email all the details of their child to the provided email address with the subject Teen Brother Bear. The teen should be around 13 years old.

The shooting will take place in August. To get selected, submit all the details of your kid, including name, age, height, weight, and size, along with a headshot and full body picture. I attached a

Video of the kid self-introducing with the basic details and a walking video of the kid entering the room. Make sure to include any experiences you have; even if he has no experience, it’s a great chance to start your child’s career.

Apply for the role of supporting minors

The show is looking for a brunette, Caucasian boy to play the main lead’s younger character. The teen’s age should be between 12 and 18. The shooting will take place in Washington, DC, in August. For this shoot, you need to be available for only one day.

Parents can apply on behalf of the kids and email it to the mentioned email address. If you want to apply, send an email stating basic details like name, age, city, size, height, and weight. Click on a headshot and full body photo and attach them with the details.

Also, make an introduction video briefing the basic details and showing your full body while you are walking in the room. Don’t forget to mention any experience that you have in the video. With all the required information, send it to

Apply Now: Casting kids for supporting roles

The show is looking for a minor Caucasian Blonde girl. If your girl child is 8 to 10 years old, then here is your chance to start her career in the entertainment industry. The girl was required to have an independent steak. Parents can apply on behalf of their girl child with her headshot and full-length body Picture.

Write an email to with her basic information, like name, age, height, weight, and size. Make an unlisted YouTube video in which you introduce yourself briefly with your name, age, height, city, and wardrobe sizes.

In the video at the end, take a full body scan and a walking video of yourself in the room. Send the email to the given email address with the subject I Can Do It By Myself! Apply soon; the shooting dates have been announced to be in August.

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