Updates of The Kissing Booth 4, Cast & Trailer – Is it going to release in 2024?

Sometimes people do find their way back to each other.” Are you familiar with this famous quote from a famous movie?

Yes, you are right. The Kissing Booth, as well as all three sequels, is straight out of a rom-com teen film.

It was released on August 11, 2011, and fans were divided over the ending of the third sequel.

After six years after high school, Elle and Noah meet and Rachel and Lee are reunited on the other side.

At the end of 3rd season, The Kissing Booth Season 4 couldn’t be produced due to its conclusion.

The Kissing Booth 4
The Kissing Booth 4

The Kissing Booth 4 Release Date: Is it going to be released in 2024?

The Kissing Booth 4 premiere date– Netflix and the production team have not yet confirmed The Kissing Booth 4 and have not made any public announcements.

According to Marcello and Jay Arnold, the teen rom-com is based on the third book in Beth Reekles’ trilogy.

Molly Ringwald, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi, and Taylor Zakhar Perez star in the movie.

As far as I can tell, there is no possibility of The Kissing Booth 4 being released. During the third sequel, Joey King referred to it as “the end of an era”.

The Kissing 2024 Booth 4 Trailer

The Kissing Booth 4 has no trailer, and there probably won’t be one, since there has been no news on the fourth film.

Check out The Kissing Booth 3’s trailer and don’t be disappointed.

Why there is no possibility of The Kissing Booth 4?

As a result, the movie got bad reviews. Rotten Tomatoes rated it 3.4/10 with an approval rate of 21%.

Is Kissing Booth 5 coming on Netflix

There is no official information for the kissing booth season 5.

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