ITV Pledges Millions to ‘The Voice of Holland’ scandal

Best Elvis Presley Blind Auditions In The Voice Kids The talent show’s broadcasts were halted once allegations of transgressive behavior by individuals behind the scenes.

The voice of holland

The voice of Holland pop-up store opened in November (2019) in Hoog Catharijne Shopping Center.

Goal- Celebrating the 10th season of The Voice, first presented in the Netherlands, to make people apprehensive of the new season as well as all memorable moments of the once seasons.

Pop-up format Bringing a bit of the Television magic to the people (fan-centric) by putting the television show in the right limelight on a pop-up stage.

Inside the store, it was possible to witness how a trainer turns the Voice president around by pushing that one and only red button! Or to record an investigation in the Popcastroom to shoot in for the coming season. Ending with a walk down Memory Lane where a variety of goosebump Voice moments participated.

Bill can add up

ITV reports in its 2021 annual file that a provision has been made. The cash that has now been positioned apart relates, amongst different things, to the charges already incurred plus a write-right down to the book value.

ITV stresses that associate freelance investigation into the allegations has been launched and no more details are obtainable at this time. However, the corporate warns that the matter might have “further monetary consequences for the company.

Unacceptable Behavior

The Voice is a key program for ITV and also the talent show is broadcast in seventy-two countries. alleged product versions of the program are made in numerous countries.

Insults regarding The Voice of Netherlands were mentioned on the BOOS show in January. many women shared their stories of sexually abusive behavior behind the scenes.

Altogether, dozens of ladies told their stories about band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, coach Ali B and Marco Borsato, and a director. Rietbergen resigned from his job. He admitted to having had “sexual relations” with women concerned within the program.

The allegations against The Voice triggered varied reactions from the culture and media trade, among others. RTL Nederland needed short agreements with the whole media industry regarding desired behavior.

Reporting point

In addition, a comprehensive and independent reporting workplace is to be established for the trade. Talpa Network proclaimed its company culture research. a list of the media and culture industry conjointly discovered that hotlines and confidants ought to be easier to find.

firm Van Doorne, which is conducting an outdoor investigation into matters at The Voice of Holland, recently same it’s increasing insight into what’s occurring behind the scenes of RTL 4’s talent search.

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