Best ways to get a stylish nursery Greenery is vital to bringing your house to life, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Indoor plants bring beauty to a place while also delivering utilitarian advantages like creating a pleasant mood, cleansing the air, and providing a sense of connection to nature without needing to leave the house.

20 Cute Nursery Decorating Ideas - Baby Room Designs for Chic Parents
Best ways to get a stylish nursery

Best ways to get a stylish nursery

So there’s no need to allow a lack of gardening knowledge or a short location keeps you from bringing your green thumb indoors!


  • These lovely, simple hanging “trapezes” for Tillandsia will add a bit of green to your home. With such a square-cut dowel & suede string, they’re simple to build. Just use a rope to suspend four trapezes on a bright, indirect-lighting wall. Plant a Tillandsia or two along the cable at the hanger’s corners. The curled tendrils of the plants will keep them in place. Remove each Tillandsia once a week & immerse it in water overnight.
  • Huge rosette-shaped Tillandsia looks amazing stacked on top of one another on ancient fruit crates shelving. Tillandsia may thrive in temperatures spanning from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in strong, filtered light.
  • Tillandsia likes to snuggle in the spokes of an old bicycle wheel. As a dream catcher, hang it above your bed. Or, in a light corridor, suspend it from the middle axle and spin it for good fortune each time you pass. Thigmotrope Perches (offered in various heights from Flora Grubb Gardens) help to elevate an arrangement of Tillandsia into a respectable table presentation that can be simply moved when the meal is served.

Low-light plants

Some plants grow near the base of bigger plants in nature, so they only get dappled or diffused light. Many houseplants, like those in the wild, can grow in low light since they can endure it. Please remember that houseplants are essentially living laboratories. Because there are so many variables to consider while caring for houseplants, some things work and others don’t. Plants that thrive in low-light environments are unlikely to develop blooms. They will instead develop slowly and have huge green leaves to gather quite as much sunlight (food) as necessary.

  • Lucky Bamboo isn’t really bamboo. The sticks, stalks, or stems resemble the canes of a bamboo plant, thus the name. It’s a dracaena, to be precise. Because it requires relatively little light, this Lucky Bamboo is ideal for a residence that does not receive a lot of direct sunshine. It prefers low, indirect light to thrive. It does, however, require some light and will not thrive in pure darkness. If necessary, a grow-light can be used to assist it to thrive, especially in winter when light is limited.
  • Spider Plants are fantastic indoor air purifiers that grow rapidly and look great in hanging pots. Never again will you have to stress about missing to water these creatures. They’re hardy and know how to look after themselves. Most of all, they won’t die if you don’t feed them every now and again! Furthermore, most of these plants make excellent presents, allowing you to share your delight with others.
  • This plant is well-known for its low-light tolerance. The solid-green variety of this plant does well in low light, while the variegated varieties require medium to high light to grow. This houseplant will also do well in fluorescent illumination.
  • The lacy fronds of the Kangaroo Fern may give a subtle touch to your potted plant collection. The kangaroo paw fern (Microsorum diversiform) is an Australian native. The scientific term alludes to the plant’s leaf shapes, which include whole leaves and mature leaves with deep indentations. Gardening Know How has further information. A Kangaroo Fern is a simple to grow plant that takes little care and thrives in high humidity. This Kangaroo Fern is an excellent bathroom plant.
  • The Red Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura) appears remarkable in that its leaves fold at night, giving it the moniker “hands folded in prayer.” The pink tint on the underside of the leaves of the Red Prayer Plant makes it ideal for hanging baskets. Red Prayer Plants may survive in low-light situations, however, they may require more light to completely spread their leaves. Even though this plant is fairly resistant to low light circumstances, it is native to the Brazilian jungles. We keep ours on the lowest shelf of our foyer table, many feet away from such a south-facing window.

Garden spaces

  • There’s always a place for a pot no matter how big your outside area is. Consider metal! Cor-ten steel, zinc, recycled oil barrels & water tanks, and galvanized troughs Against the rough, sharp metal, lush vegetation, and exquisite flowers truly pop. Metal planters may be found online and also in garden centers in a variety of styles. It’s also a good way to consider about bespoke furniture created to match a certain location. We also suggest making a trip to your neighborhood reclamation yard for repurposing and reuse ideas. Because of the pots’ simplicity and natural colors, a mixture of architectural plants mixed with grasses would combine well with colorful seasonal flowers when it came to planting.
  • Don’t forget about your fences and walls. This form of gardening benefits greatly from the use of industrial resources. Climbers may easily be trained by cladding a fence and wall with rusted re-bar, or we adore this concept for hanging plants.
  • Consider using chains to create a long-lasting pergola, plus think out of the box whenever it relates to hanging baskets, repurposing old tins & wire baskets. What you can expand vertically is virtually limitless. For the ardent cook, a wall of herbs, strawberries in a hung basket for a flavor of summer, magnificent climbers for color and perfume, or simply a fence covered with ivy to give greenery as well as a habitat for birds & insects.
45 Amazing decorating ideas to create a stylish nursery
Best ways to get a stylish nursery

Why not use cor-

Ten steel instead of the customary rustic hardwood sleepers for stepping a garden or building raised beds? The more the metals rust, the more attractive the color becomes, and the more it blends in with lawns and plants. Concrete is also wonderful for a cool sleek aesthetic that lets the plants shine.

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Best ways to get a stylish nursery

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