Tomorrow’s Korean tv series season 3 Release Date, Cast, Schedule, Episodes, Latest Update 2024 & More

Tomorrow Korean TV series – Kim Hee-sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yoon Ji-won are the stars of the South Korean television series Tomorrow, which Kim Tae-Yoon and Sung Chi-work created.

The series focuses on a Naver webtoon released in 2017, which concerns the grim reapers that lead the deceased to save a living.

It debuted on MBC TV on April 1, 2022, and 16 episodes were broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 (KST). Additionally, Netflix offers streaming access to it.

Young job seeker Choi Jun-Woong (Rowoon) is unable to find employment. He works with them as the newest contract employee in the death angel’s emergency response team after meeting the grim reapers Koo Ryeon (Kim Hee-sun) and Lim Ryung Gu (Yoon Ji-on) through an accident.

Tomorrow South Korean TV series
Tomorrow South Korean TV series

Tomorrow tv series Season 3 Release Date

Will Tomorrow Korean tv show season 3 air on MBC on May2024. The overall theme of Tomorrow is very original, fusing a never-before-seen idea with the significant addressing of numerous challenges.

It follows three Grim Reapers as they serve as the only members of the newly established Risk Management Team for the hereafter; they stop suicides so that individuals can live out their predetermined lifespans and lessen the underworld’s population.

The Uncanny Counter, Goblin, and Black are a few K-dramas that have featured the grim reaper motif before, but Tomorrow gives the topic a fresh spin by raising and addressing social issues. The show introduces a new issue in every episode, blending fantasy, historical drama, and comedy.

Overview of Tomorrow (South Korean TV series)

Developed byHong Sook-woo (MBC)
Written byPark Ran-i Park Ja-kyung Kim Yu-jin
Directed byKim Tae-Yoon Sung Chi-wook
StarringKim Hee-sun Rowoon Lee Soo-hyuk Yoon Ji-on
Tomorrow Korean tv series cast

Tomorrow has it all, from a TV producer who wants to end her life because her old school bully is tormenting her to a grieving husband who wants to be with his wife to a woman who is devastated by the possibility that she’d have managed to send her friend to her demise at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army.

The two major grim reapers in Tomorrow are played by Kim Hee-Seon and Yoon Ji-on, two highly talented performers who were very active in the 1990s on both the small and big screens (Monthly Magazine Home and You Are My Spring).

They both have a chilly, melancholy demeanor that perfectly complements the other and represents the hundreds of years they have spent in the underworld and their enormous duty to averting death.

Both actors portray various emotions and expressions throughout the program and its discoveries. They both have enigmatic dark pasts.

Tomorrow’s Korean tv series Season 2 Trailer

Tomorrow Korean tv series Trailer

In addition, K-Pop group SF9 member Rowoon, who made his standout leading man debut in the 2019 film Extraordinary You, impresses in his fourth main role.

Due to his character’s coma and his contractual obligation to serve as a temporary grim reaper, he provides innocence and a sense of humour between the episodes’ tragedies.

The connection between the three characters probably keeps viewers coming back for more, demonstrating how crucial connection and conversation are in addition to action.

Lee Soo-hyuk, who plays Park Joong-Gil, the management team leader for the Grim Reaper, deserves a special mention. The emotional variety and force he exhibits are immensely noteworthy.

Delivering some heart-wrenching moments and pulling at the heartstrings as his character Ryeon and Kim’s Hee-character Seon’s Ryeon find their paths and histories more closely intersecting at the end of the show.

Tomorrow Korean tv series Season 3 Characters Name

Some unexpected characters might also join the tomorrow Korean tv show 3 seasons of the series. Kim Hee Sun will return as Goo Ryun and Ro Woon (Choi Joon Woong). Along with Yoon Ji On (Im Ryung Goo) and Lee Soo Hyuk as Park Joong Gil.

Kim Hae-sook, who plays The Jade Emperor, the ruler of the afterlife, is among the remaining Tomorrow cast members. Singer-songwriter Kang Woo-jin, played by Kang Seung-Yoon (of the K-Pop group Winner), is depressed.

Lee Young-Cheon, a Korean War veteran, is portrayed by Jeon Moo-song. As the demon Ha Dae-Su, Park Hoon portrays him.

As a K-drama, infamous for having episodes that last between an hour and 90 minutes each, the 16-episode show clocks in at roughly 16 hours altogether (1 hour per episode). Tomorrow is still really challenging to overeat, though.

Each episode (or occasionally two) focuses on a new distressed character with a new problem or reason for their suicidal ideation or attempt.

Watching several of these in a single sitting could be extremely upsetting and taxing for a viewer because they are highly emotional, frequently controversial issues that can be extremely heartbreaking or tough to watch.

It is preferable to tackle the problems one at a time because this gives you a chance to take a quick break between sob sessions and gives the episode’s theme time to hit home.

One episode, for instance, explores what happens after a young girl is raped by an abductor while she is returning home from a night out.

The incident has traumatized her, as has the media’s focus on her and the claims that she was “asking for it.”

Tomorrow Korean tv series Season 2 cast name
Tomorrow Korean tv series Season 3 cast name

Where To Watch Tomorrow Korean tv series Season 3?

Beginning on April 1, 2022, the episode “Tomorrow” will be made available on Netflix, which is widely considered to be the most well-known OTT platform.

Given the extreme misogyny and controversy surrounding the feminist movement, it can be horrifying to watch at times (especially for die-hard fans of Korean dramas). This is because the topic is rarely mentioned or explored in Korean media.

As a result, participating in the debate on these topics inside Tomorrow might be exhausting yet essential. The Korean drama Tomorrow is still worth watching, even though some viewers might find it tedious around midway due to the general lack of an intense plotline.

For a South Korean team to produce such a daring and significant piece of television is remarkable.

It is for individuals who want to identify with a forward-thinking cast that forges new ground while pulling at your heartstrings, connect genuinely and deeply with the hardships of human life, and bravely confronts taboo social concerns.


Q. Is Tomorrow’s tv reality show coming back in 2024?

A. Season 3rd will consist of ten episodes. They will be available on MBC on demand just after release. The first episode will start on May 2024.

Q. Is Tomorrow Season 3 renewed or cancelled?

A. – It will air on MBC on May 2024.

Q. Is Tomorrow Korean drama on Netflix?

A – Yes Tomorrow Korean drama is Available on Netflix.

Q. When is Tomorrow’s Korean tv show season 3 Coming?

A. Tomorrow Korean TV show season 2 Premium Date May 2024.

Q. Has Tomorrow been renewed for season 3?

A. Season 3rd will consist of ten episodes. They will be available on MBC on Demand just after release. The 1st Episode will start on May 2024.

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