Who Are Kyle and Leslie? (The Block 2023) Wiki/Bio, Net worth & Team Member

The Block 2023 Renovation Series is coming soon to give a dose of style and renovation to the audience on channel nine. The block has already revealed their teams, who are all set to win the title of block winner.

The couple came all the way from Perth, Western Australia. The enthusiastic couple scored the highest score in the first week, wowing everyone with their design. The couple came from the farthest place after applying several times.

It must be exciting to know more about this fantastic duo, so here’s everything you need to know about Kyle and Leslie, including their profession, net worth, and more. 

Which team will Kyle and Leslie be a part of in Block Season 2023?

The block’s latest season has renewed with five amazing teams. Where Kyle and Leslie will be marking their presence as team green. They will be renovating House 1 in Block 2023. The duo is high-spirited and easygoing in nature and is all set to showcase their skills and welcome all the obstacles.

Who is Kyle from Block 2023?

Kyle, who is a firefighter by profession, is a hard-working family man. He got married to Leslie after meeting her at a nightclub. He’s a proud husband and father of two children, Luca and Archer.

As a firefighter, Kyle has always been in dangerous and intense situations, which will help him tackle the challenges at the block.

Kyle is participating with his wife, Leslie, and they are all set to win the show with their partnership. Kyle has always wanted to take part in the block.

Kyle Biography/wiki

Kyle Cottone, who is now a professional firefighter and proud family man, He was born in Australia in the 1980s and is now 36 years old. Kyle lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his family. He works in the department of fire and emergency services as a firefighter.

Kyle was married to Leslie Cottone, who is an education assistant, in 2014 after dating. They met at a nightclub and felt a connection. They have two children, Luca and Archer. His son, Archer, was diagnosed with autism when he was two and a half years old. Kyle is a very calm and easy-going man.

He is joining the popular renovation series The Block 2023 after applying several times before. He will be paired with his wife, Leslie, and according to them, they are all set to face all the challenges.

 Kyle net worth Year by Year

Kyle Cottone is a Firefighter who works at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. Being a firefighter, it is assumed that he must have a reliable amount. Currently, Kyle’s net worth is not known, but we will be updating it soon. 

Who is Leslie Block 2023?

Leslie, along with her husband Kyle, is joining the renovation series on the block. Leslie has a very cute, funny, and warm personality. Leslie is an assistant teacher and has a very engaging personality. She becomes friends with anyone easily and is aiming to make friends on the block while gaining new experience in renovation.

Leslie Biography/wiki

Leslie Cottone was born in Zimbabwe, South Africa. But two decades ago, she moved to Australia with her family. 34-year-old Leslie now lives in Perth, South Australia, with her husband Kyle and two children, Luca, who is 11 years old, and Archer, who is 7 years old. Leslie got recognition after featuring in the popular Channel Nine renovation series The Block 2023.

Leslie is currently working as an education assistant and also pursuing her studies to become a teacher. She got married to Kyle, who is a firefighter, in 2014. They met each other around 12 years ago in a nightclub, and instantly their connection hit.

She’s of Zimbabwean decent and has a mix of nationalities from Zimbabwe and Australia. Leslie has applied for the Block series several times with her husband but couldn’t make it. This time, after getting selected for the block, Leslie is super sure to kick it off.

Leslie net worth Year by Year

Leslie is an education assistant by profession and is also pursuing her studies to be an assistant teacher. It is assumed that Leslie must have a generous amount of wealth. However, her net worth is not known.

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