Who are Leah and Ash on the block? Biography and Net Worth

The fun and happy couple bringing back life to the show is fun to watch. The couple has the maximum experience in building and renovating. Both have been connected to each other since 2015 and are the parents of three children in Brisbane, Queensland.

Leah and Ash’s ability to complement each other with their skills and expertise in their own fields makes them an exceptional duo.

Ash is an expert builder with the addition of carpentry, and Leah has a passion for designing and building. The couple aims to come out of their comfort zone and bring a new style to the set of the renovation series The Block.

Leah and Ash – The Block 2023

The couple from Queensland, Australia, Leah and Ash Leah is 31 years old, as is her husband, Ash. Leah is a first aid trainer as well as the owner of a building company, while Ash is a 38-year-old builder and carpenter.

The couple met on the well-known dating site Tinder after Leah came out of her marriage and Ash just came out of his engagement. The couple got connected over Tinder in 2015.

The couple has ambitions to get on the show and give it life. Both are passionate about founding their own building company and have started theirs recently. Leah has a passion for building and designing, while Ash has had this dream since he was working in sales.

On the renovation series The Block, the couple will be bringing modern art designs. The couple, complementing each other, has already decided their parts, where Leah works on the style and designs and Ash uses his builder and carpentering skills to save money on the Block.

Who Is Leah the Block?

Leah Milton is 31 years old and was born in 1990 in Brisbane, Australia. She’s a first aid trainer and the owner of her own building company with her husband, Ash, who is also a builder and carpenter.

After starting her own business, Leah has joined the Australian renovation series The Block with her husband Ash. She’s the mother of three kids: Austin, Marnie, and Hugh.

Leah got married to Ash after meeting him on Tinder in 2015. She had just come out of her marriage when she met Ash on Tinder. Leah is a high-spirited person with a bold nature.

She’s a fun and jolly person who can make people around her smile. After opening her own building company with her husband and renovating their own house, she’s confident about joining the Block’s set.

Leah’s Net worth

Leah has an influential personality. She’s a first-aid trainer and builder. She started her own company with her husband and has a good revenue model. However, her net worth is still too anonymous to know. We will find her net worth and update it soon.

Who is Ash the Block?

Ash, a builder and carpenter by profession, is 38 years old and from Queensland, Australia. Ash has joined the Australian renovation series The Block with his wife, Leah. Ash had a successful career in the sales field, but having a passion for buildings, he started his own building company with his wife, Leah. Ash got married to her wife after meeting her on the popular dating site Tinder in 2015.

Ash is an idle man from Brisbane. He has three children: Austin, Marnie, and Hugh. He’s a fun and polite person who can put his opinion firmly without being concerned about others opinions. He has money-saving abilities in his field as a builder and carpenter.

After working for his own company and renovating their own house with his wife. With the maximum amount of experience, it’s pleasing to watch them on the television series The Block 2023.

Ash’s net worth

Ash from the block had a successful career in sales, but he started his own venture with his wife. He runs a building company in Queensland, Australia.

The Block contestant Ash has a successful career, but his net worth has not been revealed yet. We will announce his net worth soon, so stay connected to learn more about Ash and the Block.

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