Who Are The Contestants On Deal Or No Deal Island 2024? Premiere Date and Trailer

Deal or No Deal is making a comeback with its spinoff series this year. A new charming host has been appointed for this season as Howie Mandel is not going to be reprising the role this time. Contestants will be going through a series of daring challenges and it is not going to be easy.

Deal or No Deal has got an unique gameplay and to make things more exciting and adventurous the spinoff series will be held out in the wilderness. Everybody is excited to watch the brand new season as mental and physical strength will be put to test. 

What Is The Premiere Date Of Deal Or No Deal Island?

Yes, it is a piece of good news that the show is returning with a brand new look this time. The premiere date is nearing because the official premiere date has been released which is on Feb 26th, 2024, Monday.

The series, being quite entertaining ever since the beginning, has attracted a lot of viewers over the years and they are all eager to watch the premiere. The very first episode is going to be around 90 minutes long and will be airing on the mentioned date.

New episodes are going to be released every Monday and will be available to stream on NBC and other platforms for free. 

Viewers will be advised to tune in to NBC to watch the new episodes at 9:30 pm every Monday. The consecutive episodes will be airing at 10:00 pm. However, there is also a free to watch option on platforms like Pluto TV, Freevee, Peacock, The Roku Channel which will include ads. 

Who Is The Host Of Deal or No Deal Island?

As already mentioned earlier or most of you may already know if you keep up with the latest news of the show that this time a new host has been appointed instead of Howie Mandel. NBC had revealed that Mandel would not be reprising the role this season.

Luckily, Mandel is not completely leaving the show because he is still going to be a part of it as an executive producer. Joe Manganiello, the 47-year old American actor has been confirmed to take over as the host of the new season. 

Well, we all are happy to see how Joe will be taking the reign of the host. We only wish that he provides justice to what Mandel has been successfully doing over the years. Additionally, it is going to be for the first time for Joe being the official host for a game show. 

Who Are The Deal Or No Deal Island Judges In 2024?

The gameplay of Deal or No Deal has always been somewhat different. Contestants will be looking for hidden briefcases in the wilderness this season. These briefcases found by the contestants will include some money in it.

Contestants will be competing and must be accomplishing challenges to secure briefcases and the contestant that successfully snags the highest-value case will be gaining immunity. That player will have the power to choose a fellow player to enter ‘The Temple’. 

After each game, the winnings will be accumulated to a group pot and the last player standing at the end of the season will be facing the Banker to win the biggest cash prize. Joe will only be serving as the host and as well as an intermediary between the contestants and the Banker.

It is the braveness that will help a contestant win a high cash prize at the end of the season. So, there are no judges in this kind of gameplay but a bad deal could always get a contestant eliminated. 

Is There A Deal Or No Deal Island Trailer?

There is no official trailer for the Deal or No Deal 2024 spinoff game series. However, NBC had dropped a less than 90 seconds video on YouTube where the Banker drops the first briefcases. It is just a small sneak peek for the upcoming season showing how entertaining and exciting the season is going to be for the fans and viewers.

Contestants will not be competing behind closed walls this time but in the wilderness which will only test the physical and mental state of each contestant. 

In case you have not watched the sneak peek video then you can watch it on YouTube. The video was released by NBC almost a week ago. You will probably get an idea of the new concept of this classic game series after watching the video. 

Island Deal or No Deal Cast List

Cast Name Hometown Age 
Boston Rob Mariano Perdido Keys, FL47
Claudia Jordan Dallas, TX50
Dawson Addis Muskego, WI25
Aron Barbell Champaign, IL  26
Jordan Fowler Nashville, TN 29
Nick Grasso Brooklyn, NY 29
Miranda Harrison Fort Myers, FL 30
Alyssa Klinzing Kansas City, MO26
Kim Mattina Anthem, AZ63
Amy McCoy Oklahoma City, OK 42
Dr. Stephanie Mitchell Gainesville, AL41
Jamil Sipes Grand Prairie, TX 47
Brantzen Wong Tustin, CA31
  • Host: Joe Manganiello 
  • Banker’s Assistants: Ben Crofchick and Kamari Love 

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