Who Can Win The AGT Fantasy League?

AGT’s Fantasy League is just a refreshment for AGT fans from all across the globe. Judges are given the role of ‘mentor’ where they have been guiding contestants (winners, finalists, and many more) from its previous seasons. The brand new show did not fail to impress its audience which is why viewers are eager to know who will be winning the very first season. 

AGT Fantasy League Winner predictions are somewhat buzzing all over social media because the show recently completed its ‘Semi-Finals 2’ a few days ago. While some contestants have been eliminated there are some who have advanced to the finals. It is only a matter of time before fans witness the first ever winner of the AGT Fantasy League 2024. 

AGT Fantasy League Winner Predictions 2024

Participants from Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2 put up entertaining episodes for the audience. But, only the favorites from the audience receiving the highest votes have advanced to the finals.

Out of 10 participants from each semi-final episode only 3 contestants have advanced for the grand finale where two contestants are stolen by the mentors and one winning from audience votes. 

List of contestants advanced to the finale from Semi-Finals 1 episode

Participant Team/Mentor Result 
Aidan Bryant Heidi Klum Advanced to Finals (Stolen by Mel B)
Kodi LeeSimon Cowell Advanced to Finals (Stolen by Howie Mandel)
Pack Drumline Simon Cowell Advanced (Won by Audience Vote)

List of contestants advanced to the finale from Semi-Finals 2 episode:

ParticipantTeam/Mentor Result 
Musa Motha Simon Cowell Advanced to Finals 
V.Unbeatable Howie Mandel Advanced to Finals (Stolen by Heidi Klum)
Shadow Ace Howie Mandel Advanced (Won by Audience Vote)

The final performances will be airing on Feb 12th 2024. The performances from the selected participants is going to be as entertaining as ever because viewership has increased to almost a million views ever since the ‘Qualifiers’ rounds.

Right from jaw-dropping aerialist performance from Aidan Bryant to the wowing performance of Shadow Ace, the finale is going to be as exciting as ever. Every contestant that has advanced to the finale has a fair chance to win the AGT Fantasy League title. 

American actor and television presenter Terry Crews is seen serving as the host for this spinoff TV show just like he does for America’s Got Talent. The ultimate winner of AGT Fantasy League is going to receive a huge prize money of $250,000.

Additionally, it will also be a life-changing moment and opportunity for the winner. The winner for it is going to be decided on Feb 19th so stay tuned. Fresh new episodes are released every Monday at 8/7c on NBC and are available for streaming the following day on Peacock. 


Q. Who will win AGT Fantasy League 2024?

A. Amazing and talented artists have moved up to the finals after having fierce competition in the semi-finals. The AGT Fantasy League finale could be anybody’s title this year.

The performance that can impress more people has a fair chance of receiving the highest number of votes from the audience. 

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