AGT Elimination Tonight/Today – Live Updates – Season 18 (2023)

With 55 amazing acts/contestants, America’s Got Talent 2023 (AGT Season 18) has reached the live qualifier stage of NBC’s talent reality show.

The audition rounds featured a variety of talents from different contestants and groups. Some of them were lucky enough to receive the golden buzzer, which automatically advanced them to the live shows. The rest of the acts had to compete for the remaining spots in the next round.

After the auditions, 55 acts made it to the LIVE shows, where they will compete for a spot in the finals of America’s Got Talent 2023.

Every week, a group of 11 acts from the selected contestants will perform in the live semi-finals and try to advance to the finals.

To avoid the eliminations, they will have to impress not only the judges but also the LIVE audience, who will vote for their favourite acts.

Here are the finalists who performed on 22 August 2023 & 23 August 2023, and the acts who were eliminated from AGT 2023 tonight.

On August 29, 2023, the coming 11 acts are Ahren Belisle, Alfie Andrew, Andrew Stanton, Atlanta Drum Academy 🌟, Dani Kerr, Erica Coffelt, Murmuration 🌟, Ryland Petty, Sharpe Family vocalizers, sword catamount, and ThreeG.

AGT Elimination Tonight/Today

The first qualifier round of America’s Got Talent 2023 will take place on 22 August 2023. The first 11 acts will give their best performance to avoid being eliminated.

The fans and audience have the power to vote and save their favourite acts. The 9 acts who get the least votes will end their AGT journey after the elimination today.

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America Got Talent 1st Qualifier Round:

Sr NoParticipantGenreResult
1Adrian Stoica and HurricaneAnimals/Dog ActFinalist
2Brynn CummingsComedy/MagicEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
3John WinesElectric GuitaristEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
4Lambros GarciaDanceEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
5Lavender DarcangeloSingingFinalist
6Maureen LanganComedyEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
7Mitch RossellSinging/MusicEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
8Olexandr LeshchenkoDance/VarietyEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
9Ray WoldDanger ActEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
10SAINTED Trap ChoirSingingEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
11True VillainsSinging/MusicEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
** This list will be updated after the resulting episode on 23 & 23 August 2023.

AGT 2023 2nd Qualifier Round:

The second qualifier round of America’s Got Talent 2023 was aired on Tuesday, August 29, 2023. Eleven acts performed in front of the judges and the live audience, hoping to get enough votes to advance to the final. The acts were:

12Murmuration 🌟DancingDance GroupQualifier-2Golden Buzzer
13Atlanta Drum Academy 🌟MusicianDrum GroupQualifier-2Golden Buzzer
14Dani KerrSingingSingerQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
15Erica CoffeltDancingDancerQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
16Steel PantherSingingComedy BandQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
17Three GAcrobaticsBody BalancingQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
18Ahren BelisleComedyStand-up ComedianQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
19Alfie AndrewSingingSingerQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
20RylandMagicMagicianQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
21Sharpe Family SingersSingingVocal GroupQualifier-2In LIVE Shows
22Andrew S.DangerDanger ActQualifier-2In LIVE Shows

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