Every Act of the AGT Semi-Finalists 2023 – Season 18 Cast & Schedule

In this article, I have talked about the new series of AGT Semi-Finalists 2023 and the upcoming episodes of Season 18. Which premiered on NBC this summer of 2023 has featured a fresh group of competitors showing their incredible talents and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks while the audition rounds last.

With two spinoffs developed from the competition series, America’s Got Talent: Extreme and America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, America’s Got Talent has established itself as NBC’s flagship program.

We have hereby compiled information regarding the upcoming schedule for America’s Got Talent season 18 as well as a list of the participants that have so far been chosen via the audition rounds here.

Latest News & Updates of AGT Season 18 – 2023

In the special show airing on August 15th, see who the America’s Got Talent Judges choose to participate in the Lives.

Next Episode of Americaโ€™s Got Talent Season 18 premieres on Tuesday, July 25 At 8/7c on NBC. The subsequent round of auditions for America’s Got Talent Season 18 will air on NBC on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Tuesdays will feature brand-new, two-hour episodes. AGT will continue the audition process through August 15, 2023, before switching to its live show format.

AGT Semi-Finalists 2023 โ€“ Season 18

Here you can see all the cast lists for AGT Season 18, and as more contestants give auditions, they will also be updated.

Sr NoContestant NameGenreActStatus
1Allan ReinikkaDancingPole DanceNot Selected
2Dโ€™Corey JohnsonSingingSingerCompeting
3KozoComedyComedianNot Selected
4Mzansi Youth Choir ๐ŸŒŸSingingChoirGolden Buzzer
5Nancy LaFancyDancingDancerNot Selected
6Orlando LeybaComedyStand-up ComedianCompeting
7Philip BowenSingingInstrumentalistCompeting
8Shadow AceVarietyPuppetry ActCompeting
9Steel PantherSingingComedy BandCompeting
10Three GAcrobaticsBody BalancingCompeting
11Trex FlipsGymnasticsDinosaur ActCompeting
12Trigg WatsonMagicMagicianCompeting
13Lambros GarciaDancingDanceeliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
14Muhamed KahrimanovicVarietyHammerhandNot Selected
15Mitch RossellSingingSingerEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
16Mandy MudenComedyStand-up ComedianCompeting
17Ramadhani BrothersAcrobaticsBody BalancingCompeting
18AvantgardeyDancingDance GroupCompeting
19Putri Ariani ๐ŸŒŸSingingSingerGolden Buzzer
20Sainted Trap ChoirSingingChoirEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
21Zoe EriannaMusicianPiano PlayingCompeting
22Virginia StoneSingingSingerNot Selected
23Ray WoldDangerousFire ActEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
24Alex & AlexSingingMusicianNot Selected
25Ahren BelisleComedyStand-up ComedianCompeting
26Alexandr LeshchenkoDancingMultimedia DanceEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
27Brynn CummingsVentriloquistVentriloquismEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
28Alfie AndrewSingingSingerCompeting
29Ricardo PaceVarietyHand MusicianCompeting
30Herwan LegaillardDangerSword SwallowCompeting
31Grace GoodAerialistHula HoopCompeting
32Atlanta Drum Academy ๐ŸŒŸMusicianDrum GroupGolden Buzzer
33David RushVarietyRecord BreakerNot Selected
34Roland AbanteSingingSingerCompeting
35John WinesSingingGuitaristEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
36Anna DeGuzmanMagicMagicianCompeting
37Charles HaycockComedyStand-up ComedianNot Selected
38Dani KerrSingingSingerCompeting
39El InvertebradoVarietyContortionistCompeting
40Eseniia MikheevaDancingDancerCompeting
41Freedom SingersSingingVocal GroupCompeting
42Joy BrookerSingingComedy SingerNot Selected
43Maureen LanganComedyStand-up ComedianEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
44Murmuration ๐ŸŒŸDancingDance GroupGolden Buzzer
45Ninah SampaioSingingSinger/Rubix CubeCompeting
46Poose The PuppetVarietyPuppet ActNot Selected
47Steve GoodtimeDangerDanger ActNot Selected
48Sweaty EddieVarietyNovelty ActNot Selected
49Thomas VuDangerFire ActCompeting
50Warrior SquadAcrobatsAcrobatics GroupCompeting
51Adrian Stoica & HurricaneVarietyDog ActFinalist
52Berry Brewer JrSingingComedy SingerCompeting
53Chen LeiAcrobatAcrobaticsCompeting
54Erica CoffeltDancingDancerCompeting
55Justin JacksonDancingTap DancerCompeting
57MVarietyNovelty ActNot Selected
58Ryan HayashiMagicMagicianNot Selected
60Sangsoon KimMagicMagicianCompeting
61Sharpe Family SingersSingingVocal GroupCompeting
62Trailer FlowersSingingMusic DuoCompeting
63Mariandrea VillegasDancingDanceCompeting
64Duo DesireDancingAerial DanceAuditioned
65Lavender Darcangelo ๐ŸŒŸSingingSingerGolden Buzzer
66Andrew S.DangerDanger ActAuditioned
67Let It HappenDancingDanceCompeting
68Artem ShchukinMagicianMagicCompeting
69The ZooDancingDance GroupCompeting
70Oswaldo ColinaVarietyOthersNot Selected
71MOSMusicInstrumental BandCompeting
7282nd Airborne ChorusSingingMilitary ChoirCompeting
7340 PoundsDancingDanceCompeting
74Trent ToneySingingSingerCompeting
752 Moms United By One HeartSingingVocal DuoCompeting
76Atai ShowDancingDance GroupCompeting
77BJ GriffinSingingSingerCompeting
78Cakra KhanSingingSingerCompeting
79Duo Just Two ManAerialistAerial DuoCompeting
80EnishiVarietyNovelty ActCompeting
81GorillaVarietyNovelty ActNot Selected
82Koko HayashiVarietyFace PosturesNot Selected
83Phil Wright & Parent JamDancingDance GroupCompeting
84Off Broadway JackVarietyNovelty ActNot Selected
85Mike JacobsonMagicMagicianCompeting
86Poetic FlightVarietyNovelty ActCompeting
87The GlactivatorsSingingVocal DuoNot Selected
88The Rybka TwinsVarietyContortion DuoCompeting
89Timothy FletcherMusicDrummerCompeting
90Bomba CircusComedyComedy TrioCompeting
91Dev The DevilSingingRock SingerNot Selected
92Duo AceroAcrobatPole AcrobaticsCompeting
93Gabriel Henrique ๐ŸŒŸSingingSingerGolden Buzzer
94H.B. MonteSingingRapper & DJCompeting
95Kylie FreySingingSingerCompeting
96Leonard LeeVarietyDog ActNot Selected
97Noodle & BunVarietyVocal DuoCompeting
98Summer RiosSingingSingerCompeting
99Pulse PercussionMusicPercussion GroupCompeting
100Rob PotyloComedyComedy MusicNot Selected
101Sunny ChatumSingingSingerCompeting
102True VillainsMusicMusical BandEliminated
(Semi-finals Round)
103TwinjasMartial ArtsMartial Arts DuoCompeting
104Zion ClarkAcrobatAcrobaticsCompeting
105Ahmed BharoochaComedyComedianCompeting
106Chibi Unity ๐ŸŒŸDancingDance GroupGolden Buzzer
107Daragh & DexterVarietyDog ActNot Selected
108Donovyn DiazDancingDanceCompeting
109Duo DadivaAcrobatAcrobatics DuoCompeting
110Eduardo Antonio TrevinoSingingMariachi SingerCompeting
111Heather & BogartVarietyDog ActCompeting
112Improv EverywhereComedyComedianNot Selected
113Josh AlfredComedyComedianNot Selected
114Kevin LiMagicMagicianCompeting
115Morgan & RoxiAerialAerialist DuoCompeting
116Titos TsaiDangerSword DancerCompeting
117PapayasoComedyComedic ClownCompeting

** As the audition unfolds over the ensuing weeks, we will keep updating the list of contestants who have qualified for the following rounds.

Keep checking back this post for all the most recent information and news for AGT 2023 Season 18

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