Who is Big Brother au “Taylah Davies”? Biography/Wiki, Networth & More 

The highly anticipated comeback of Big Brother Australia in its 15th season has created a buzz among viewers, thanks to its exciting gameplay and a fresh lineup of 15 contestants.

As the show reaches its finale, the energetic finalists are geared up for the ultimate prize. Thethe contestant generating immense anticipation is Taylah Davies, a TikTok sensation with a massive one million followers on the platform.

Making her debut in a reality competition series and making it to the finals, Taylah, a 27-year-old sheep farmer from Victoria, Australia, is set to bring a unique blend of beauty, brains, and rural prowess to the Big Brother house.

Described as a “bogan princess,” Taylah is ready for the challenges her fellow housemates may throw her way. Stay tuned as we delve into Taylah Davies’s biography, net worth, career and more.

About Taylah Davies

Taylah is a stunning sheep farmer, media personality, and devoted mother from Victoria. For the past four years, this 27-year-old has embraced the role of a single mom with love and dedication, cherishing moments with her toddler.

With an impressive social media presence, Taylah boasts over 19K followers on Instagram and a whopping 1 million on her TikTok page. Taylah has been performing well in Big Brother Australia. With a commitment to facing challenges head-on, Taylah has become the finalist of Big Brother season 15 Australia. 

Bio, Wiki & Age

Taylah Davies is a 27-year-old Sheep Farmer, hailing from Victoria, Australia, who brings a unique blend of beauty, brains, and rural expertise to the table. Despite her farming background, Taylah is adept at handling challenging situations with finesse.

Beyond her agricultural pursuits, her Instagram paints a vibrant picture of a woman deeply engaged in outdoor activities, showcasing not only her active lifestyle but also a keen fashion sense.

Describing herself as a “bogan princess,” Taylah was prepared for any challenges coming her way. As a single mom with a penchant for a loud and chaotic game style, she’s poised to play hard, regardless of the stakes. 

Estimated Net Worth & Earnings

While the precise net worth of Taylah remains undisclosed, her profession suggests a lucrative income. Sheep farmers’ salaries in Australia vary widely across different farms, making it challenging to provide an exact figure.

However, it’s worth noting that all contestants, including Taylah, receive compensation from Big Brother officials for their participation. Beyond her role as a sheep farmer, Taylah is also recognized as a social worker and a model. Based on her diverse professional endeavours, her estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million.


Taylah Davies’s ethnicity is reported to be of White descent. While the specific details about her ethnic background remain undisclosed, it is inferred that she follows the Christian faith by birth. 

Relationship status

Taylah is a single mother of a child. She is married to Mitch Davies and has a 4-year-old son.

Professional Life & Carrier 

Meet Taylah Davies, aptly named the ‘TikTok Big Sister,’ strategically leveraging her social media presence as an advantage within the Big Brother House.

With a plan to support and manipulate her fellow housemates to advance her game, Taylah brings a strategic edge to the competition. Beyond the game, she doesn’t shy away from engaging in some juicy gossip, openly discussing her fellow Big Brother housemates and making her interests clear.

Outside the House, Taylah is an Australian Sheep Farmer with a strong presence in various outdoor activities. However, her most cherished roles are those of a proud mother and wife. Stay tuned as Taylah’s dynamic approach and multifaceted personality unfold in the intriguing landscape of Big Brother Australia.  

NameTaylah Davies
ProfessionSheep farmer
Country Australia
Hometown Victoria, Australia
Instagram taylahdavies

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