Who is Big Brother au “Mineé Marx”? Biography/Wiki, Networth & More

Big Brother Australia in its 15th season it’s been a hit with fans thanks to its exciting games and a bunch of 15 new contestants. As we near the end of the show, the lively finalists are all gunning for that top prize.

Bringing an extra dose of excitement is Minee, a lively blonde who is over the moon about being part of the show. She hints that the upcoming episodes will be full of action and fun. Playfully calling herself the blonde Megan Fox, Minee has made it to the finals of the Big Brother Australia season 15.

Minee spills that, despite her bubbly personality, some people find her a bit intimidating. But she’s not letting that get to her; she’s determined not to let her fellow housemates project their worries onto her. 

About Mineé Marx

Minee Marx is a dynamic social media influencer with an impressive following of over 40K on Instagram, who has become the finalist in the 15th season of the beloved Australian reality show, Big Brother.

Hailing from Western Australia, Minee brings a combination of bubbliness and captivating charisma to the show. As a model, she humorously refers to herself as the Megan Fox of her own story. She is open to the prospect of finding love within the confines of the Big Brother house. 

Bio, Wiki & Age

Minee Marx born on January 31, 2002, in the city of Perth, Australia, has now set roots in the sunny city of Miami, Florida. At just 21 years old, she proudly embodies the characteristics of an Aquarius. With a background as an aspiring model and entrepreneur, Minee Marx exudes a lively and bubbly nature, effortlessly striking up conversations with anyone she encounters.

Having ventured into modeling at a young age, she has since expanded her horizons, running a successful modeling business in the city of Miami. Beyond her professional pursuits, she takes joy in helping those around her feel comfortable and confident. Known for her uplifting spirit, she ensures to shower compliments and spread positivity, making everyone feel good about themselves. Currently, Minee Marx has made it into the Australian reality show Big Brother season 15.

Estimated Net Worth & Earnings

Minee Marx is a social media personality and overpersonality over the years she has earned a huge fan following on social media platforms which is the major source of her earnings. Her estimated net worth is assumed to be USD 1.5 Million. 


Minee Marx comes from European descent although her ethnicity is not known. 

Relationship status

Minee Marx’s relationship status is single. However, she is open to new romance coming into herin her life in the Big Brother’s house. Minee had a breakup after getting the engagement ring from her previous boyfriend as she thinks she is too young for the marriage stuff.

Professional Life & Carrier 

Minee Marx being an entrepreneur and model by profession has given her fame in the modeling circle. Minee started her journey as a model and soon started her entrepreneur journey. Along with modeling, modeling minee marx is part of the reality show Big Brother season 15. 

NameMineé Marx
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Modal
Country Australia
Hometown victoria, Australia
Instagram mineemarx

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