Who Is Canadian & Comedian Ahren Belisle? AGT Finalist Contestants of 2023?

The popular reality show America’s Got Talent has encouraged numerous talents till now, and the latest season of AGT is all set to find more unbelievable talents coming all around the world.

Many contestants come from around the globe to impress the judges and showcase their talents. In the latest episode of America’s Got Talent season 18, comedian Ahren impressed the judges. Ahren Belisle is a comedian and mental health advocate.

He spread awareness through his content related to mental health. America’s Got Talent is very popular, and the audience has also appreciated the performers featured in the show. He made the judges and audience laugh with nothing but a phone.

He performed his comedy routine by using text-to-speech technology, for which he uses his cell phone, and while performing, his dog stays with him. He started comedy about a year ago, and now he has leveled up on the stage of AGT.

In 2022, his career began in comedy, and he started performing it. He has great followers on social media, and he has been sharing his content on Instagram.

With his outstanding performance, he has earned his place in the AGT season 18 finales. We are definitely excited to watch the final performance of this nonverbal yet humorous comedian.

What is the Ahren Belisle wiki and bio?

Ahren Belisle is a comedian who impressed the judges panel of AGT. Ahren is 28 years old, born in 1994. He grew up in northern Ontario, Canada, but now he lives in Ottawa, Canada.

The Canadian comedian has a huge fan following on Instagram, where he creates content related to mental health and spreads awareness. Ahren was born with cerebral palsy.

He has completed his studies and is working a 9-to-5 job as a software engineer. He also enjoys comedy shows, and now he has recognized his dream of being a comedian. He has participated in AGT season 18 and received numerous praises for his performance.

Personal life 

Ahren Belisle was born in Northern Ontario, Canada, in 1994. He was born with a disorder called cerebral palsy. Despite his disorder, he has been passionate about everything. He is mute but has thousands of followers on Instagram.

He rose to fame with his appearance at the talent reality show America’s Got Talent auditions, where he performed with his cell phone and also with his service dog. Ahren is a mental health advocate, software engineer, and standup comedian.

Ahren Belisle’s Career

Ahren Belisle is a software engineer by profession. He has completed his studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he pursued a bachelor’s in information technology.

He is also a mental health advocate and spreads awareness about it. A year ago, he also started standup comedy and is currently pursuing his dream of being a standup comedian. 

What is Ahren Belisle’s net worth year-wise?

The net worth of Ahren Belisle is not known now. He started doing comedy about a year ago, but he has been doing live performances and shows, from which he earns well.

He is also an advocate and an engineer. So we assume that he must be earning well, and after appearing on America’s Got Talent, he has increased his net worth more.

What is the current age of Ahren Belisle?

The AGT contestant and content creator, Ahren Belisle, born in 1994, is 28 years old as of now. He was born in northern Ontario, Canada.

Ahren Belisle AGT Tour/Journey

Ahren Belisle is a mental health advocate and a software engineer. While watching a comedy show in Portugal, he decided to become a comedian when he got compliments for his humor. He participated in the auditions for AGT season 18, and even before appearing in AGT, he had already gained thousands of followers on Instagram.

On the AGT audition, he took it to a new level with his performance. In the auditions, he performed a comedy routine with his cell phone, converting text to speech. The audience wowed with his performance with all four judges. Saying yes sent him to the next level.

In the semifinals, he performed his stand-up comedy and again got the praise of the judges. His semifinal act has consisted of many jokes related to his disorder and how people treat him with his service dog.

Everyone praised him for his act and his natural humor. With all the praise, Ahren advances to the AGT finale.

Comedian Ahren Belisle’s Final and Semi-final Performance of the Judges Reaction

Ahren Belisle has become the finalist of season 18. He has impressed the judges with humor and comedy. The judges and audience have wowed him with both the performance and the audience.

In the Semifinals, Ahren delivered a wonderful performance with references to his disorder and how people interact with him. He included the celebrity judge Sofia Vergara in his performance, where he mispronounced her name, to which Sofia Vergara responded, I’m right here and I’m single.

The judges panel appreciated and gave wonderful comments on Ahren’s performance. Sofia mentioned that she likes the way he looks at life and enjoys making fun of himself while being so happy with himself.

Howdie Klum also praised his performance and thanked him for being on AGT and making everyone laugh. Howie Mandel stated that he loved his work from day 1 when he appeared on the show, and he agreed with Sofia’s comments, while Simon Cowell wanted it to go longer.

Who inspired Ahren Belisle to become a comedian?

Ahren started doing comedy a year ago, but he is already doing his best in his comedy career. According to Ahren, he has been passionate about comedy, but he started it after he went to Portugal for a show and the comics present there told him about him being funny in conversations, which inspired him to start with his dream of becoming a comedian.

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