Who Is Lavender Darcangelo Finalist Contestant of AGT 2023? Lavender Darcangelo Wiki & Bio

Lavender Darcangelo is a singer from America. 27-year-old Lavender started singing when she was 3 years old. She has been suffering from blindness and autism since childhood. She grew up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

When Lavender was 15, she moved with her singing teacher Wil Darcangelo who encouraged her for singing and his partner Jamie Darcangelo. Lavender who performed Irena Cara’s hit song Out Here On My Own which made the judge Heidi Klum push the Golden Buzzer in the auditions.

She is the second blind contestant to get Golden Buzzer in America’s Got Talent history. In the semifinals of AGT, she performed I Want To Know What Love Is which earned standing ovations from all the judges. With wonderful comments on her performance, she advances to the finals of season 18 of America’s Got Talent.

What is the Lavender Darcangelo wiki and bio?

Lavender Darcangelo Wikipedia/Biography – The 27-year-old from Fitchburg is a blind and autistic singer who has been working as an advocate for people with disabilities. She has great quality vocals and perfect pitch which make her performance excellent. She is passionate about singing and started singing from the age of 3.

Lavender joined the mentorship program founded by her father Wil Darcangelo in 2010. Wil Darcangelo is her vocal coach as well and in 2017 Wil adopted Lavender with his husband Jamie Darcangelo. Lavender’s video of singing Part of Your World got viral in 2019 by which she grabbed the attention of viewers.

She is surviving with blindness and autism and works as an advocate for blind people. She wants to encourage and spread awareness about disabilities like autism and blindness.

To celebrate disabilities Lavender is working on her debut solo album Mosaic which will consist of music and songs that will spread awareness and bring positivity to autism among people. Some portion of the profit from her solo album will be donated to a foundation.

Personal life 

Lavender Darcangelo was a born singer who started singing even before talking. She was born in 1996 in the United States. At the age of 15, she moved in with her singing teacher Wil Darcangelo and seven years later she was legally adopted by Wil Darcangelo and his partner Jamie Darcangelo.

She grew up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Lavender is passionate about singing and plays Guitar and Piano. She used to perform at churches and virtual clubs as well. She is an advocate for disabled people. The 27-year-old Lavender has currently got attention by appearing in season 18 of AGT.

Lavender Darcangelo Career 

Lavender Darcangelo is a singer and has been singing from the age of three. She started her career by performing at different venues like Church, pub, and clubs. She also performed in virtual concerts.

She was also a part of the mentoring program which was organized by her adoptive parent Wil Darcangelo who was her vocal coach as well. In 2019 she attended the popular television show Good Morning America where she spoke about her story which involves her disabilities and how she deals with Autism and blindness.

She also revealed about her adoption. In an LGBT event in The Little Mermaid Lavender sang Part Of Your World which went viral in 2019. She is working on her solo album which will be her debut album as well. The album will consist of music and songs that will spread awareness, encourage people with disabilities, and show the diversity in autism.

Currently, she is in the limelight with her golden buzzer performance at AGT season 18. Also, she is the second blind contestant to get a golden buzzer. She has advanced to the finals of America’s Got Talent and is a rising singer of the singing industry.

What is the Lavender Darcangelo Net Worth year-wise 

Lavender Darcangelo an exceptional singer and advocate. Her estimated net worth is $100 thousand as of 2023. She has been performing at various places which gives her financial stability.

For people with disabilities, she works as an advocate which is a source of her income too. Currently, she has appeared in the popular reality show America’s Got Talent which will increase her Net Worth.  

What is the Current age of Lavender Darcangelo

Lavender Darcangelo is 27 years old and was born in the 1990s in the US. 

Lavender Darcangelo AGT Tour/Journey

Lavender Darcangelo is a singer who started singing at an incredibly young age of three. She has survived many challenges as a person with disabilities as she has blindness and autism. 27-year-old Lavender appeared for the America’s Got Talent season 18 auditions where she impressed all the judges with her performance.

On July 11, her audition performance Out Here On My Own earned a golden buzzer from Heidi Klum and went straight to the semifinals after her spectacular performance.

In the Semi-Finals Lavender had a mesmerizing performance on I Want To Know What Love Is for which all the judges gave her a standing ovation and the golden buzzer contestant Lavender Darcangelo became the Finalist of AGT season 18.

Singer Lavender Darcangelo Final and Semi-final Performance of Judges Reaction

Lavender’s performance I Wanna Know What Love Is in the semifinals got an amazing reaction from the judges. All the judges gave a standing ovation to her performance and due to the time barrier only Heidi Klim and Simon Cowell were able to give their remarks.

Heidi Klum was the one who pressed the golden buzzer for Lavender in the auditions saying that she wanted to cheer her. After Lavender’s semifinals performance Heidi said that she is proud of Lavender and felt her singing.

She hopes that everyone feels Lavender’s song like she does, and, in the end, she hopes to get votes to advance to the next round. While hard to please Simon Cowell praised Lavender for the Lyrics and performance.

He said it is an amazing feeling when a contestant loved by everyone nailed it and he appreciates the second part of the song specially which has completely different meaning for Simon. 

Who Inspired Lavender Darcangelo to Become a Singer?

Lavender Darcangelo was born with the best vocals and pitch. She started talking at the age of four, but she began to sing when she was three. Her boyfriend Brian inspires her to perform the song I Wanna Know What Love Is in the semifinal episode. According to her, Brian is the major source of support in her life.

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