Who is Graciemae Sinclair on Big Brother AU?

The popular reality show, Big Brother Australia, has been officially confirmed for its next season on channel 7. Season 15 is all set to introduce a new batch of enthusiastic contestants called Housemates, who will live together in an isolated Australian residence.

Big Brother Australia has already introduced the 14 contestants which also includes Graciemae Sinclair from New South Wales. Being a personal assistant by profession she has great ability to make connections and she is confident to get along with everyone in the big brother house.

24-year-old girl has been practicing her psychic skills inspired by the character of her favorite show Meet the Fokers. While competing for the show she’s also looking for her ideal partner to be in love with.

In anticipation of her participation in the Big Brother house, she playfully hinted about her mischievous nature on Instagram, suggesting that the show might be in for some surprises.    

About Graciemae Sinclair

Graciemae Sinclair is 24 years old mischievous girl from New South Wales. She is a personal assistant while being an influencer in the meantime. She is a fan of the popular show Meet the Fokers and according to her, she resembles Barbara Streisand’s character the Mum. Referring to herself as a witch she’s practicing psychic. She has a funny as well as mischievous personality while being confident. 

NameGraciemae Sinclair 
Age 24
Occupation Personal Assistant, Influencer 
Country Australia
Hometown New South Wales
Instagram graciemaesinclair

Bio, Wiki & Age

This stunning young woman, a personal assistant from Sydney, has some influential friends like the Sebastian family. At 24 years old, she playfully identifies with “the mum” from Meet the Fockers, often calling herself a “witch” and a practicing psychic.

Graciemae, embraces her mystical side, working as a personal assistant in NSW, and even mischievously claiming she could “fall in love with a pineapple if it looked at her the wrong way.” however she looking for the love of her life in the house of Big Brother.

Estimated Net Worth & Earnings

Working as a personal assistant Graciemae is assumed to earn a decent amount of earnings. She’s also working as a model and influencer as she social media personality. Her estimated net worth is not revealed now but we will be updating soon.


Her ethnicity is not known but she belongs to New South Wales, Australia. Her nationality is Australian. Her ethnicity will be mentioned soon as we get to know about it. 

Relationship status

Graciemae is open to finding love as her relationship status describes her as single. She enters the house of Big Brother where she hopes to find her love. While having a conversation she said she could fall in love with a pineapple if it looked at her the wrong way which is still a mystery as we don’t know what it means. But let’s see if her relationship status changes or not.    

Professional Life & Carrier

Graciemae working model and influencer who has been a social media personality. Professionally she has been a personal assistant from the beginning of her career. She also works with the lifestyle accessories brand Beysis.

As an influencer she constantly collabs with a variety of brands. She also participating in the reality show Big Brother Australia which will elevate her career in reality TV.    

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