Who is Brandon Donlon?

Brandon Donlon is 26 years old born on 2nd June 1997. He lives in Sicklerville, New York and is a content producer by profession. Brandon is a reality show Survivor 45 contestant who has recently been voted out on the fifth day. He is a reality show lover and enthusiastic to be part of it.

What is he known for?

A huge fan of Survivor Brandon Donlon has made it to Survivor 45 but his journey on Survivor ended not so long. He is a fan of reality shows and has applied for several shows till now. He applied for Survivor 45 when he was not even eligible to participate in it.     


Brandon Donlon from Sicklerville, New York is 26 years old. He is a content producer who works at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has gathered diverse work experience in his career. He is highly enthusiastic about being part of the reality show.

He becomes more passionate after watching Survivor: Gabon. He applied for several reality shows including Big Brother and Survivor. He applied for Survivor when he was not even eligible for it. For Big Brother, he got an open casting call for the 21st season of Big Brother but got cut.

He has also appeared in the reality show The Challenge: Champs vs Stars. He describes himself as Empathetic, inquisitive and relatable. He is a positive and enthusiastic person. He has worked in different places after completing his bachelor of arts in Radio, Television, and Digital communication and a minor in journalism.

He has also worked as a Marketing specialist and social media manager and he has gained experience in a variety of fields. Now his participation in Survivor 2024. 

Early Life and Struggle

Brandon Donlon is 26 years old as of 2023. He was born on June 2 1997 in Sickerville, New Jersey. He grew up in Sickerville, New Jersey and now works at Temple University as a content producer. Brandon is an anxious person who gets anxious in daily life.

As he seeks comfort Brandon has not revealed much about his life. He has been an anxious person which made him find a comfortable environment around him.  

Brandon Donlon in Survivor USA 45 A Glimpse of Performances So Far

Survivor USA 45 is back with its all-new 18 contestants battling to survive on the island of Fiji. The contestant performs challenges to earn necessities to win the grand prize money of $1 million and the title of winner without getting eliminated.

Brandon excitedly shared this news of him getting cast in Survivor 45 on his Instagram with a caption saying he is happy to tell you all that he is playing in Survivor 45. Continuing with it he mentioned that if you are someone who knows me then you must know how badly Brandon wanted to be part of it and now he doesn’t understand how he got so lucky to live his childhood dream.

He tagged Survivor and CBS by requesting minimum jokes on Let’s Go Bardon. Contestants are divided into three tribes in which Brandon was a part of the Lulu tribe. The Lulu tribe had an average performance from the beginning of The Survivor. After Hannah Rose is the first to be voted out from Survivor Brandon is the second one to exit from Survivor 45. Brandon had a tough start when he had a panic attack while performing the first challenge.

He tried his best to complete the challenges however in the first challenge he lacked the physical abilities to qualify for the challenge and in the second challenge which was a puzzle challenge in which Brandon again made 3 losses for the Lulu tribe after which the fellow tribe members had already decided to vote Brandon out.

Even if Brandon is voted out he is happy that he didn’t give up however he said he would have liked to stay longer. On the other hand, he said he would have liked to win but he is content about fulfilling his childhood dream as many people are not able to do it.  

Net Worth

Brandon Donlon is a content producer by profession. His estimated Net worth is ranging from $100K to $500K in 2023.

What are his sources of income?

Brandon works as a Content producer in Sicklerville, New York which is a major source of his income. Apart from this, he has been a part of reality show Survivor 45. Before working as a content producer he worked in the marketing field as a marketing manager and Marketing specialist. He has also worked as an account executive, social media manager, social media intern and sales associate. 

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