Who is Collin Johnson on Traitors Canada?

The Canadian reality show Traitor was released on CTV on 2nd October 2023. Collin from Thunder Bay has come to  Montreal’s historic manor for the filming of the reality show Traitor. Collin is 37 years old and works as a Transit Operator.

He is a risk-taker, and observant person who believes in developing his skills. The dad of four beautiful daughters is patient by nature. He had a very short journey on the traitor as he became the first one to get banished from the show.

Even if he got voted out from the show he feels proud of being on the show as many people don’t even get the opportunity to be part of the show.

Collin Johnson Professional Life

Collin Johnson is a transit operator who works as a bus driver in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. He has become a certified instructor of wilderness survival courses from the Confederation College.

Later he was also a part of the search and rescue team in which he performed the tasks. He is a risk-taker and courageous person. In recent times, he has been working as a transit operator. He could be recognized as a television personality as he appeared in the CTV’s reality show The Traitors season 1.

How does he describe himself as a Traitor?

The Thunder Bay, Ontario resident has come to the Traitors Manor determined to use his observation skills to determine who is lying and who is saying the truth in the manor while playing the game. He describes himself as a risk-taker who is ready to take on new challenges and tackle them.

He is patient which is a great quality that can help him in the show to stay longer. On an Instagram post, the Traitors canada has tagged him in which they have described him as a patient and observant person.

His approach to Traitors

Collin’s traitor journey started with the audition where he showcased a two-three-minute video of self-introduction after getting a call from the traitor’s casting team he flew to the historic manor in Montreal. He didn’t think of any strategy for the show.

But as he watched the first episode he realized how other contestants were making and building alliances and skimming against each other in the show. Collin’s journey on the Canadian reality show The Traitors was short. He was part of the faithful team.

The contestant identified as faithful needs to avoid getting murdered by finding three traitors contestant of the show. Unfortunately, Collin got banished in the second episode only as another contestant mistakenly identified him as a traitor in the second episode.

After the murder of Erika Casupanan in the first episode another contestant wrongly assumed Collin was one of the traitors and he got banished. 

Collin Jhnson – Age, Bio, Wiki & Net Worth

Collin Johnson is 37 years old born in the 1980s. He lives in Thunder Bay with his family consisting of his wife and daughters. He likes to spend time with them. He likes camping, traveling and fishing the most. He works as a transit operator now.

He has done his certification to become an instructor for wilderness survival courses. He has actively volunteered in the search and rescue team.

Collin has shared this news of his featuring in the very first season of Traitors Canada on his Instagram page by sharing a real in which he mentioned the premiere schedule of the show and shared his excitement saying it will be awesome to see you there.

He has shared a variety of posts on Instagram showing his enthusiasm about The Traitors Canada. He is featured as a contestant on The Traitor and performed the first task efficiently in the first episode. While after the murder of Erika Casupanan in episode one Collin also got banished in the second episode of The Traitor.

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