Jarae Womack : The Voice Singer with a Mesmerizing Legacy | Musical Journey, Bio, Net Worth

Jarre Womack the voice – The Musical Journey & Albums 

The niece of Bobby Womack Jarae Womack recently had an outstanding performance on the 24th season of The Voice. She performed Amy Winehouse’s popular song Back to Black and proved that singing is in her genes.

Jarae is a singeaaar and songwriter who has performed at several concerts and shows. She is the niece of Bobby Womack and Sam Cooke is her great-grandfather. The singing legacy of her family is well continued by her.

She shares her singing content on Instagram which has more than 29K followers. Her work is available on different platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. She’s 35 years old and has a successful career as a singer and songwriter. Recently she appeared in the singing reality show The Voice and impressed all four judges with her performance. 

Concerts & Shows of Jarae Womack the voice

Jarae had a wonderful performance on the popular singing reality show The Voice. She banged the stage with Amy Winehouse’s popular song Back to Black which made everyone wowed. The song has earned praise from everyone and left the audience stunned with her performance. 

Where is she from?

Jarae Womack is from Miami, Florida. She resides in West Palm Beach, Florida with her family.

Love and Life Beyond the Spotlight

Jarae has kept her personal life private. However, she posts her pictures with her boyfriend on her Instagram profile. but not much is known about her love life as she has never mentioned his name. 

Jarae’s Melodic Creations

Jarae has released her own single named Sound of a Woman which describes the strong emotions about domestic abuse. The song has impressed many people for the strong message that she has delivered through her song. In 2013-14 she worked with two artists for the song We Thank You which was a tribute to the leader Nelson Mandela. She’s taking her family legacy with her musical talent.  

The Voice Audition That Turned Heads

Jarae Womack had one of the best performances which made all the judges turn their chairs. Jarae stepped on the stage saying this was for him and said she stopped her music career but now this was her moment and she couldn’t wait. Jarae performed Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and got all the yes and chairs turned.

Coach Niall Horan praised her for the performance saying unlike others she did not follow the artist and made the song her own. Niall wanted Jarae so badly that she went to his knees and asked Jarae to join his team more like pleading.

The best compliment coming from Reba McEntire was it touched my soul and she felt blessed to be in Jarae’s presence to hear the song as she has never heard this song. Gwen was the same while praising Jarae but Jarae chose to join Team Legend. Legend has admired her singing saying he doesn’t know if she is a soul singer but he’s sure that Jarae is a soulful singer who is Authentic, true and passionate. 

Jarae Womack’s Income and Net Worth

Jarae Womack is a singer and songwriter by profession and she contributes the most to her income. She has more than 29K followers on her Instagram which is also a source of her income. Currently, Jarae Womack’s net worth is not known.

However, with her popularity and talent, it is sure that she earns a generous amount. After featuring in the show the net worth of singers increases tremendously and if Jarae becomes the winner of The Voice her net worth can be in million.

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