Golden Bachelor Elimination Order – Who went home on Golden Bachelor Tonight?

The Bachelor franchise is one more dating show. Golden Bachelor started with 22 ladies trying to get the rose from Gerry. The show premiered on September 28 and has come halfway with the 9 contestants left in the fourth episode.

The viewers have witnessed intense drama, romance, and fun with the ladies in their golden age battling for the rose from Gerry Turner who is a 72-year-old widower. Tonight’s Golden Bachelor tonight’s episode started with a surprise for the remaining contestants.

Sandra and Leslie who went on a date with Garry already got the rose from him. While in the rose ceremony, he offers roses to Ellen, Faith, Susan, and Theresa. April and Kathy are on the edge of getting eliminated.

However, Nancy and Garry had a conversation about them not having a strong connection like others, and before the rose ceremony, Nancy headed out from the show. Later in the rose ceremony, Garry waved bye to April and Kathy. On the other hand, the remaining ladies will be fighting for love in the upcoming episodes of Golden Bachelor.

Eliminated Contestants: Golden Bachelor Eliminations Till Now

The Golden Bachelor is moving forward towards the finals. The show focuses on the golden bachelor Garry Turner who is a widower.

In The Golden Bachelor, he is aiming to find love after the death of his wife. To find the one Garry has to spend time and check the compatibility with everyone by dating them. However, it’s getting tougher with each episode as Garry is sending out the contestants in each opposite.

As the show is continuing Garry has eliminated a few contents one by one and now there are only 6 ladies who will be competing for the love of Garry. 

The contestant who got eliminated or quit the show in each episode till now. 

Episode 1 Eliminations

  • Anna
  • Maria
  • Pamela
  • Patty
  • Renee
  • Sylvia

Episode 2 Eliminations

  • Jeanie
  • Natascha
  • Peggy
  • Marina

Episode 3 Eliminations

  • Christina
  • Edith
  • Joan

Episode 4 Eliminations

  • April 
  • Kathy
  • Nancy

The remaining contestants on Golden Bachelor

The show is already near its final episode out of 22 only 6 contestants have left. Garry is still in search of his love as the ladies. Among all the ladies who appeared in the show, only a few were left and others got eliminated.

With all the drama it’s exciting to know Who will be the winner of the first ever Golden Bachelor and win Garry’s heart in Golden Bachelor. The remaining contestants after the fourth episode of The Golden Bachelor are mentioned below.

  • Sandra
  • Leslie
  • Ellen
  • Faith
  • Susan
  • Theresa

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