Who is Genevieve Côte? Wiki/Biography & Net Worth

On the Season 2 debut of Canada’s Got Talent, judge Howie Mandel awarded the first Golden Buzzer to an original performer named Geneviève Côté. She was able to produce complex noises with just her mouth, which astounded the panel.

Geneviève Cté produces noises that are unnatural for a human to make. Additionally, she stunned the judges and audience during her Canada’s Got Talent audition, earning her the coveted Golden Buzzer!

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Who is Genevieve Cote?

Genevieve Côte Wiki/Biography – Geneviève Côté, a performer from Laval, was given the golden buzzer During her Canada’s Got Talent audition, advancing her to the semi-finals of the competition.

Côté describes herself as an entertainer and a noise creator, and her talent has propelled her into live performances. The judges, Howie Mandel, Lily Singh, Kardinal Offishall, and Trish Stratus, greeted her as she entered the stage.

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Genevieve Cote Canada got talent journey & Audition

Geneviève began her audition by telling the judges, “I like making noise.” She wasn’t lying; she produced several animal noises that initially perplexed the panel and the audience but ultimately left them speechless.

Geneviève also displayed a strong singing voice while performing. When it ended, a sizable portion of the crowd, including Mandel, leapt. A round of applause left Geneviève overcome with emotion.

Mandel told Geneviève, “I have always had a problem with the idea that I was compelled, forced, to leave Canada to accomplish what I wanted to do. “Finding something that we haven’t seen before is my greatest dream. Something that will identify the Canadian as being this person. 

Her conversation with the Judges

The question “What do you do?” Côté was asked by Howie Mandel. She exclaimed, “I love making noise!”

Côté stated, “I am incredibly grateful to be here. Even though life might be challenging at times, this is a tremendous opportunity, and if we have faith in ourselves, we can accomplish the seemingly impossible. My boyfriend and a buddy are in the crowd.

Can you prevail in this? Mandel questioned her. Côté exclaimed eagerly, “I believe!”

The Quebec artist then demonstrated her extraordinary knack for producing noise, sure. Côté has a special talent for using her voice to create sound effects that let your imagination soar.

Mandel utilized his one golden buzzer moment on Côté because of the animal noises and other otherworldly sounds she made throughout her audition.

I have always had a problem with the fact that I had to leave Canada to pursue my dreams; therefore, OMG, I was so pleased to do this program, Mandel exclaimed.

Before pressing the golden buzzer, Mandel said, “My biggest dream is to find something we haven’t seen before, something that will [make people] say this is ‘this person from Canada,’ this is talent, and you know what, this is the moment that it happened for me.

“I am joyful. Oh my god, I don’t know how I feel,” Côté said to host Lindsay Ell.

The Judges’ Reaction to Genevieve’s Talent

Howie Mandel’s mouth drops in shock during her performance. The camera also captures several stunned spectators, mouths open in shock.

Geneviève receives a standing ovation from the judges and audience for her exceptional noise-making act. The positive response overcomes her.

Howie complements Geneviève profusely. He cannot believe what he just heard, just like the audience or everybody who watches the clip. Howie responds by slamming the Golden Buzzer.

Geneviève is struck with emotion once more. Her face was covered with happy tears!

Howie remarked, “Well, I’ll tell you one thing, you made me very proud. “I want to be on this show for this reason. I want to be on this show because of you. I can’t wait for the world to see you because I’m so excited.

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