How to Become a Candidate: Online Audition & Casting For Harry Potter Fan Parody Web Series

Tim Lemmens has posted the information and started casting for the web series Lessons with Bellatrix, which is a fan parody. The auditions are going on nationwide, and the last date to apply is July 31.

In the show, you will play Bellatrix, who has the disguise of an elder woman. To perform this role, you need to be around 65 years old so you can portray Bellatrix. So don’t wait; make a video of yourself and email it to the email address provided.

What are Harry Potter Fan Parody Lessons with Bellatrix?

Harry Potter Fan Parody: Lessons with Bellatrix is a fun show with the Character featured in Harry Potter, Bellatrix. Bellatrix was a witch in the Harry Potter series.

However, here it will be a show where the host, dressed up as Bellatrix from Harry Potter, teaches the viewers how to become death eaters. It’s the series made by Harry Potter fans for entertainment purposes.

Audition and application process for the Harry Potter Fan Parody web series

The Harry Potter audition and application process are simple. However, you need to submit the details before July 31, 2023. You just need to make a video of your self-introduction, stating a brief reason why you want to perform this role. Make the video in landscape mode and send it to the email address mentioned below.

Is Audition paid or free?

The Harry Potter Fan parody Lessons with Bellatrix auditions are free. You don’t have to pay any money for the auditions.

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