How to Audition and Register for House of Zwide 2024

A stylish Johannesburg family that owns one of the major South African fashion firms is portrayed in the drama series House of Zwide. Isibaya and House Of Zwide, two of the top soap operas in Mzansi, are produced by Bomb and are recruiting new actors.

The production firm is looking for male and female Zulu-speaking actors between 19 and 30. The bomb is primarily looking for talent in Durban, according to an advertisement viewed by iHarare, though it also accepts applicants from other regions.

About the Show

The Johannesburg family at the centre of the new eTV soap opera is extremely stylish and successful. Drama in the fashion industry is the focus of this captivating rags-to-riches story.

The Molapo family is in Tembisa, whereas the wealthy and affluent Zwide family is in Rosebank. These two worlds and two families are contrasted in the television program.

Funani Zwide, the founder and proprietor of House of Zwide, is portrayed in the film by Vusi Kunene as South Africa’s most powerful fashionista.

His devoted wife Faith Zwide is portrayed by Winnie Ntshaba, while Uncle Molefe, played by Motlatsi Mafatshe, is a comic relief on the show.

The Godfather, played by Jeffrey Sekele, is a sympathetic gangster who served in the tumultuous hostel wars in the middle of the 1990s and is a former member of Umkhonto we Sizwe.

Together, they navigate the fashion industry, meeting every obstacle. On June 24, 2021, the official House of Zwide trailer was released.

House of Zwide 2024 Auditions

Aside from Isibaya, House of Zwide is one of Mzansi’s top soap operas. Although Vusi Kunene, the star of the drama series, has successfully kept up with the pace of the show and has tirelessly worked to make it the one show we can’t stop looking forward to watching to unwind after a stressful day, the production team is hoping to inject some new life into the crew. Who will strike Gold?

We don’t often receive an audition request from our House of Zwide extraordinaré, so a chance like this is just what we need to capture the one spotlight. Every time the House of Zwide drama airs on TV, the entire audience is glued to the screen, and it is obvious that this has become our go-to activity when we are bored.

House of Zwide Application Requirements

Choose The Correct Clothes Or Costume: Remember that your appearance affects how people address you. While some auditions might allow for casual attire, others would demand formal attire. Just be careful not to distract the judges with your attire.

Every vocalist should incorporate a regular warm-up and exercise routine. But, before entering an audition room, be careful to warm up your voice with vocal exercises.

You have a propensity for worrying and experiencing fear. Be not frightened. Keep upbeat. Consider yourself a gifted vocalist who the world needs to hear. even if every competitor before you were eliminated. Have faith in your ability to stand out to the judges.

Call for casting. To Durban is coming to a bomb. Do you aspire to be discovered as a gifted actor? The caller said, “Bomb is looking for Zulu-speaking males and females between 19 and 30.

Individuals who are interested in applying for the roles may email The advertisement stated that the application requirements are full-body and portrait photographs.

House of Zwide Premiere date

Ona, a young, gifted township girl aspiring to become a fashion designer, thinks her life will be changed forever when she is offered an internship at the illustrious House of Zwide.

She finds out that the man she loves as her father is the hitman who killed her mother and kidnapped her when she was a baby. Little does she realize that the dark mysteries of her history are buried in the House of Zwide. Retaliation or accepting her fate are the options available to Ona.

On eTV, the telenovela debuted on Monday, July 19, 2021. House of Zwide aired Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. during Rhythm City’s existing primetime slot. On July 16, 2021, the Rhythm City soap opera broadcasted its final episode, ending a 14-year run on the network.

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More about the show and auditions

Since its premiere, the new drama series has undoubtedly garnered much media attention. Despite having a firing cast, the new team that took over for Rhythm City a few months ago has managed to impress Mzansi and live up to expectations.

The drama series, which has Vusi Kunene as its face, is trying to expand its cast. Bomb, the production company behind some of Mzansi’s top soaps, including Isibaya and House Of Zwide, is looking for fresh talent. The production firm is looking for male and female Zulu-speaking actors between 19 and 30.

However, the current plot of the narrative draws criticism from viewers, who have threatened to stop watching the show if the writers do not alter the screenplay. Many believed that the program had lost its major focus on fashion and the related topics it had promised to offer and had instead become predictable.

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  1. Hi, my name is simple mulunjwana and I am a girl and I’m am 14 years I would like to act in the house of Zwide because i saw that it has more talent like I do and I wish you will accept me thank you💟💥

    • My name is BEBEDA THABELO Arnold Iam 14years old and I to work at house of zwide 🙏and i wish you accept me and i am from South Africa. Limpopo And I wish you accept me and see my talent

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    • Good evening, Phuti Matloa here from Limpopo ..matriculated last year and I’d love to be part of your cast at HOZ .
      I’d appreciate it so much if you contact me .

  3. Gratitude to HOZ chamber, it’s Mpho Thema. I’m an artist and a Graphic designer by profession. It would be a blessing to be a part of the casting crew,
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    • My name is koketso from North West at Rustenburg I am 17 years old I would like to act at HOZ because I saw it has more talents and more fashion
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