Naked & Afraid Season 16 Contestants, Release Date & Air Time

All you need to know about new season of Naked & Afraid

The show that strips everything of the contestants and doesn’t even leave them with the bare minimum is all set to come back. After having 15 episodes of Wilderness, makers are releasing a new season of Naked and Afraid on October 16.

All new contestants survive in dangerous situations to prove themselves worthy of the title of winner. The contestant will try to survive for approx 14 to 21 days without any necessities.

To end the curiosity of the show premiering on October 15 we have mentioned all the things you need to know about the new season of Naked and Afraid 2023.

Naked & Afraid Season 16

An adventurous reality show that forces contestants to survive in an isolated location without the basic human needs of Food and water. The contestants compete in the game completely naked in dangerous places by embracing the environment.

The contestant counters the extreme situations while trying to make life in the wild. Ordinary people with little or no experience of wildlife challenges build themselves to embark on the journey of wilderness.

The show features 1 male and 1 female who will be performing the challenges picked by fans. The reality adventure series has completed 15 seasons and now the fans are eagerly waiting to stream season 16 of Naked and Afraid.

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Where can I Watch Naked & Afraid Season 16?

Naked and Afraid season 16 can be watched on the Discovery channel and enjoy an hour-long episode. Season 16 will also be streaming on MAX. You can also stream Naked and Afraid on different streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and FuboTv.

One can watch the show on Fubo TV with a free trial and rent or Buy the show on Apple TV and Prime Video. You can also enjoy watching the show by purchasing a subscription on Discovery+, FuboTV and Philo. To watch Naked and Afraid you can use a VPN as at some locations geo-regional restrictions can happen. 

Naked & Afraid Season 16 Show Timings

The Adventure shows Naked and Afraid season 16’s first episode will be released on 15 October. But at what time it will be airing on the channels? The show can be watched on different streaming platforms and channels. 

Here we have mentioned the show timings and release date of Naked & Afraid season 16.

CountryTime Date
United States (East Coast)8:00 pmOctober 15, 2023
England 1:00 am October 16, 2023
Australia 11:00 am October 16, 2023
India5:30 amOctober 16, 2023
France2:00 amOctober 16, 2023
Germany 2:00 amOctober 16, 2023
Spain 2:00 amOctober 16, 2023
Japan9:00 amOctober 16, 2023
Italy2:00 amOctober 16, 2023
Alaska4:00 pmOctober 15, 2023
Hawaii2:00 pmOctober 15, 2023
Naked & Afraid Season 16 Air Date & Timing

Is Naked & Afraid Season 16 scripted?

Naked and Afraid is a popular reality show of Discovery that has completed 15 seasons and now its 16 season is about to release. The show is from the reality genre and assumed to be real and not to be scripted. The show includes the contestants who survive the challenges and a cameraperson follows them. 

Who are the contestants on Naked & Afraid Season 16?

The contestants will be surviving in the show with the bare minimum and coping with all the challenges to be the winner of the season. The contestants featured in season 16 of Naked and Afraid are mentioned below.

Rachel Strohl

season 15 contestant coming back to season 16 of Naked and Afraid. Rachel Strohl is from Oahu, Hawaii. She is an educator, ocean advocate and a freedive instructor Yachtie according to her Instagram profile which has 17K plus followers. She has also appeared in Season 1 of Castaways.

Heather Smit

one more season 15 contestant featuring in season 16 is Heather Smith. Heather is from Brookeland, Texas. She describes herself as an Angler, Adventurist and mom. She is a media personality with more than 55K followers on her Instagram.

Andrew Shayde

Andrew Shayde has appeared in several reality TV shows like The Amazing Race, Naked and Afraid and Buddy Games. He has appeared twice in Naked and Afraid. He is a development director at Arbor Youth Services. 

Candice Mishler

one more season 15 contestant Candice Mishler from North Phoenix, Arizona. Candice is 36 years old and the mother of a child named Jett. She loves traveling and fishing. She has 30K plus followers on her Instagram

Na’im McKee

Na’im McKee is a marketing professional who enjoys traveling. He is a digital marketing enthusiast with experience in solving and managing problems related to marketing. He is from Aurora, Colorado and has appeared in Naked and Afraid Castaways. 

Bulent Gurcan

Bulent Gurcan is a contestant of Naked and Afraid 10. He’s from Roberts Census-designated place in Washington State. He has around 9K plus followers.

Justin Governale

the social media star also known as Jitsu. He is a Businessman and standup  Comedian. Justin is from Laredo, Texas.

Kerra Bennett

The adventurous girl who joined the army at the age of 17. Kerra Bennett has 6K plus followers and she’s a mom of three dog boys. Originally Kerra is from the West Coast but currently lives in Donelson, Nashville.

Partick French

Partick French is a thru-hiker and athlete. He’s also known as Dasu Kinuta. He has covered 21000 miles while hiking from 23 different trails. He is adventurous and has expertise in serving in difficult conditions.

Naked & Afraid Season 16 trailer

The Naked and Afraid season 16 trailer is out on September 14 and has featured some contestants of the show displaying a variety of emotions. The trailer starts with the female contestant saying I’m so excited to get naked while getting naked she calls out freedom excitedly.

As the trailer begins the excitement turns into the most painful experience of the series making the contestant cry out loud. Concluding Naked and Afraid is back with the new season on Sunday, October 15 on Discovery Channel and Max. Watch the Naked and Afraid trailer here:

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